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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Add target_pid,target_gid arguments to joinproject page so that · 26bccd9e
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      we can send links that cause those fields to be filled in for people.
      Add those links to email generated by newproject and newgroup pages
      so that they can be saved by the leaders.
      Add a bit of referrer magic to login page. When clicked from the join
      or new project pages, tell login page to pass along the referrer page
      so that when login is complete, user is zapped back to the original
      page. This is especially nice when combined with the above change to
      joinproject, whereby we send along the target pid/gid, but the user
      has not yet logged in and remembers to do so via the link at the top
      of the page.
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    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Make sure that the head uid of a project is 'active' or 'unapproved' · 1ebdf309
      Robert Ricci authored
      before allowing a project to be approved. (In approveproject_form,
      this meant removing the automatic transition from 'newuser' to
      Since this check is done in two places, once in the form, and once in
      the page that does the work, it's possible for this to get out of
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    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Add a box to change the head of a project on the project approval · 39eb481b
      Robert Ricci authored
      'action' page. This will be used when a student applies to start
      a project - we'll have the professor, PI, etc. apply to join the
      project, then change the head UID when we approve it.
      Changing the head uid is repected when _any_ action is taken
      (postponing, more info requests, etc.) Any mail gets sent to the
      new head, and NOT the old head.
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Widearea permission changes: · d3c6f9c8
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * Two new fields on the new project page that ask the project leader to
        specify how many ron and pcplab nodes they need. There is a link to a
        page that should describe these nodes, but thats blank.
      * The project approval page will add a couple of checkboxes for ron and
        pcplab nodes. This will allow the project to be approved independent of
        the ron/pcplab usage. So, you can approve the project but decline the
        request to use those nodes types (or just one of them).
      * The project table in the DB has a "list" of remote node types for which
        accounts should be built. Its implemented as a set and it can contain
        just two node types (pcron, pcplab) right now. The set is created in
        the approval page, and someday we can add a page to operate on that
        set directly if we need it.
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      A bunch o' account managment script schanges. I have reworked · 46068860
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      mkprojdir, mkacct-cntrl, mkgroup, and group-update into a set of new
      scripts that are more specific to their intended operation, and strive
      to do less work.
      1. mkacct - Replaces mkacct-cntrl. This script no longer does any
         group stuff. All it does is create new accounts, or update the
         password and gecos fields of existing accounts. Usage is the same
         as it was: "mkacct <userid>", and is typically invoked from the web
         interface via the approveuser form.
      2. mkgroup - Replaces group-update. This script creates new groups,
         either for the main project when it is approved, or for subgroup
         creation. This script does not alter the group membership. Usage
         is typically from the web interface, but mkgroup can be invoked
         from the command line: "mkgroup [-b | -a] <pid> <gid>" where -b
         puts it in the background and sends email later, while -a just
         captures the log and emails. This "audit" feature is going to find
         its way into more scripts as soon as I figure out a neat and clean
         perl mechanism to make it easy.
      3. setgroups - Replaces group-update. This script modifies the group
         membership of either specific users, or all the users in a
         project. It is typically invoked from the web interface when a
         project leader edits the subgroup membership or when a user is
         first approved to a project or subgroup. Command line usage is:
      	setgroups [-b | -a] -p <pid> [user ...]
              setgroups [-b | -a] [user ...]\n
         The first form is mostly a means to speed things up. The web
         interfaces knows exactly what users have need to be changed, but a
         global project update is nice too.
      4. mkproj - Replaces mkprojdir. Actually, mkproj still has all that
         directory code, but it also handles creating the groups and the
         account for the project leader. Part of my policy to move as much
         random code out of the web interface and into the PERL backend
         where it belongs.
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Lots of little changes for sending email to the right places, with · 3285bc3e
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      proper headers. Split out some of the mail into testbed-logs,
      testbed-ops, and testbed-approval. Added a library for including from
      our perl scripts. Contains a couple of mail helper functions, but will
      hopefully contain more as time goes by.
      Fixed a bug in the web interface that was causing breakage for people
      with multiple accounts. Mac and Jay have noticed this, when logging
      out and trying to join or create a project under a new or different
  19. 02 Feb, 2001 1 commit
    • Mac Newbold's avatar
      Changes to mkacct-ctrl for membership in multiple groups. Now it only takes... · bd32aec3
      Mac Newbold authored
      Changes to mkacct-ctrl for membership in multiple groups. Now it only takes user as a param and does the rest from the db. Special note: You can now run it to correct any incorrect password/group entries. Like if someone gets removed from one of the groups they belong to (but we don't want to kill their acct yet). Also, special note for accts on paper: It doesn't change your shell. So if you had an acct with a real shell (admins/developers only) it will leave it. If your a testbed admin, it will also make sure you're in group wheel and group flux.
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