1. 03 Dec, 2001 6 commits
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      Minor cleanup. · 6e666122
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      Checkpoint the visualization stuff. Rework Chad's stuff to match · e72c90a8
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      current testbed software practices. Add a wrapper script to go from
      a pid/eid to the top file in the experiment directory. This means we
      cannot visualize experiments that are not active, but until we have a
      topfile generator that is independent of assign_wrapper, there is
      nothing to do about that. A makefile to install new tools. Also add a
      couple of web pages. The first web page spits out a page with an img
      tag which refers to another php script that generates the gif file
      with the backend tools, and stuff is out with an appropriate content
      header line. Very nifty.
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      Checkpoint. · 202d5b88
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      Two security related changes. · b9c80909
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      1) Do not allow non admin types to change the email address. Not even
         users can change this since our authorization mechanism is strongly
         dependent on the email address. I do not expect this to be a
         problem; changing your email address should be a very rare event,
         so admin people can do it for users. Maybe not necessary, but I
         need to think about it some more.
      2) Send email when user information is updated. Message is sent to the
         user and CC'ed to the testbed audit list. DO NOT CHANGE USER
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      Add link so that project leaders can change the user information. · 8e7d1333
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      Actually they have always been able, but there has never been a link
      to it.
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