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      · 2a8299ee
      Pramod R Sanaga authored
      SanityCheck.py is the script for checking cross-correlation of Flexlab
      runs. It works for both TCP and UDP transfers. I also changed
      auto-pelab.ns and added a "-t" option to start-experiment
      and stop-experiment to enable these sanity checks.
      Note: I haven't figured out how to kill sudo tcpdump sessions
      on PlanetLab with program agents - so, for now they have to be
      killed manually after a stop-experiment. Will change this after
      talking to Mike.
      The cross-correlation code works correctly - I may need to tweak it
      a bit in the near future for averaging times.
      Also, it puts too much load on Ops and (i think) takes too much time.
      I will change it so that all the correlation calculations are done on
      the experimental nodes.
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      Mostly cleanup. · cde74d7a
      Mike Hibler authored
      * generate the initial conditions for monitors to pass into the stubs
        (must use -i to start-experiment to do this)
      * make sure install-tarball does not return til tarballs are installed!
        (or til timeout)
      * move ip mapping and initial conditions files to /local/logs so they
        become part of the record
      * fix up exit status' returned by auto-* stubs so program-agent
        can detect real failures
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      More duct tape to keep the optional argument stuff alive. · 89f44abb
      Mike Hibler authored
      (Gotta dead horse, must keep beating it...)
      The problem is that, if you want to do anything--change the stub name,
      add a command line argument--you have to replace the whole command line
      and that requires knowing the rest of the default/previous command line
      that has not changed.
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  12. 25 Apr, 2006 1 commit
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      New shi...um, "stuff" to allow running tcpdump on end nodes for tracing. · 665a8e69
      Mike Hibler authored
      Set the magic variable in auto-pelab.ns and swapin your experiment.
      Logs will wind up in /proj/blahblah/exp/blahblah/logs/<node>/<name>.tcpdump
      after you run stop-experiment.
      I did this with the program agent and duct tape.  If it turns out that
      you can already do this with the link tracing framework, then someone in
      Oregon is going to whomp me upside the head with a clue-stick and he'll
      never let me forget...at least til he forgets in a day or two.
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      Framework for running pelab experiments. · d174b055
      Robert Ricci authored
      auto-pelab.ns - NS script for creating a pelab experiment. Supports
      both real and fake Plab nodes.
      start-experiment - perl script to start up monitors and stubs, and to
      start link tracing.
      stop-experiment - perl script to stop monitors and stubs, and collect
      all of the files from this experiment.
      Write documentation for it - how to run it, where the logfiles go, etc.
      Add hooks for the user to run their own program under test (ie iperf)
      Reset condidtions on the Emulab-side LAN before an experiment starts
      Get link tracing on plab (probably by starting pcapper with the
      program agent)