1. 19 Jun, 2015 9 commits
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      Support for stitch to Lan: · 6c1560d0
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. A trivial change in GeniCM; only look at the first two interfaces in the
         link if it references an external node. We already depend on the fact
         that the first two interfaces are in the same order as the two stitch
         points in the stitching section, so as long as we ignore external nodes
         after the second interface, setting up the virtual state for a lan works
         just peachy.
      2. libvtop_test: a bit less trivial, mostly cause of vlan tag pre
         reservation when stitching. When we encapsulate a lan we build another
         lans table entry that is linked. There is no need to do this when the
         encapsulation is vlan, and in fact I had changed links a long time ago
         to not do this, for the exact same reason. Lans are little bit more
         complicated but I think I got it.
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      Fixes to make Comware OF support function correctly (squash commit). · b277d49a
      Kirk Webb authored
      Note: Since snmpit runs as the user, we don't rely on root's ssh keys
      for Netconf authentication.  The username and password to use can be
      encoded in the "community" field in the database (switch_stack_types, or
      overridden in switch_stacks):
      User/password default to:
        username: snmpit
        password: <community>
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      Install snmpit_libNetconf · 39bf502e
      Kirk Webb authored
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      Add OpenFlow support to HP Comware snmpit module (snmpit_h3c). · f6ff476d
      Kirk Webb authored
      This commit fills in all of the snmpit OF API calls for the Comware
      module.  Note that Comware doesn't support OF "listener" ports, such as
      are available on the Procurve/Provision switches.  Therefore, the
      functions related to listener ports return an error.
      It is assumed that when "disableOpenflow()" is called, that the caller
      also intends to destroy the related OpenFlow instance on the switch.
      There is no other call in the snmpit API for explicitly removing OF
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      Netconf-over-ssh library for snmpit. · 8bf81708
      Kirk Webb authored
      I don't know what I like most about this module, working with Expect or
      handling XML namespaces... Includes the basics of the Netconf protocol.
      Only tested with HP Netconf-over-ssh (Comware)!
      Main interface calls:
      $ncobj = snmpit_libNetconf->new($switch, $userpass, $port, $debuglvl)
      Create a new Netconf library object, pointed at switch host $switch.
      Username with optional password are passed as second argument (delimit
      with ':'). $port is port to connect to, and $debuglvl is the debugging
      level. Last two arguments are optional.
      Execute Netconf "Get", with optional Netconf XML filter argument.
      $ncobj->doGetConfig($filter, $source)
      Get entire switch config, or partial config if $filter is supplied.
      $source is which config (running or saved).  Arguments are optional.
      $ncobj->doEditConfig($xmlconf, $target, $defop);
      Edit the switch's config.  $xmlconf is an XML::LibXML::Node object
      containing the XML-encoded configuration update. $target identifies what
      to apply it to (running or startup. Defaults to running). $defop is the
      default operation (merge, replace, none. Defaults to "merge").  Last two
      arguments are optional.
      $ncobj->doRPC($cmd, $xmlarg)
      Generic RPC dispatcher (Used by the other "do" commands above).  $cmd is
      the rpc command to execute. Optional $xmlarg parameter is an
      XML:LibXML::Node object that encodes the arguments to $cmd.
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      For dataset images, do not return loadpart. For client version · 89f64eaa
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      >= 2, return lba size info.
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