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    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Bug Fix: a bunch of fixes to make sure that holders of SFA credentials · ac287e02
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      can create slices, and be notified of expiring slices and slivers. The
      problem is the PL credentials do not inclide an email address, so we
      have to get it from the user's registry. This required a bunch of goo
      top find the proper place to do a resolve, since PL credentials do not
      include a URL either.
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    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Changes our ssh key/account handling in RedeemTicket() and · 03c2107c
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      CreateSliver(), to handle multiple accounts.  This somewhat reflects
      the Geni AM API for keys, which allows the client to specify multiple
      users, each with a set of ssh keys.
      The keys argument to the CM now looks like the following (note that
      the old format is still accepted and will be for a while).
      [{'urn'   => 'urn:blabla'
        'login' => 'dopey',
        'keys'  => [ list of keys like before ]},
       {'login' => "leebee",
        'keys'  => [ list of keys ... ]}];
      Key Points:
      1. You can supply a urn or a login or both. Typically, it is going to
         be the result of getkeys() at the PG SA, and so it will include
      2. If a login is provided, use that. Otherwise use the id from the urn.
      3. No matter what, verify that the token is valid for Emulab an uid
         (standard 8 char unix login that is good on just about any unix
         variant), and transform it if not.
      4. For now, getkeys() at the SA will continue to return the old format
         (unless you supply version=2 argument) since we do not want to
         default to a keylist that most CMs will barf on.
      5. I have modified the AM code to transform the Geni AM version of the
         "users" argument into the above structure. Bottom line here, is
         that users of the AM interface will not actually need to do
         anything, although now multiple users are actually supported
         instead of ignored.
      Still to be done are the changes to the login services structure in
      the manifest. We have yet to settle on what these changes will look
      like, but since people generally supply valid login ids, you probably
      will not need this, since no transformation will take place.
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    • Tom Mitchell's avatar
      Fix DeleteSliver issue. · e8005d7b
      Tom Mitchell authored
      DeleteSliver had been calling StopSliver then DeleteSlice,  but the
      recommentation from Utah is to skip that and just call
  25. 07 Oct, 2010 3 commits
    • Tom Mitchell's avatar
      Implement AM Shutdown. · 4ee81e1d
      Tom Mitchell authored
      Not much more to say. Shutdown was stubbed as unsupported and now it
      has been implemented as a pass through to CMV2::Shutdown.
    • Tom Mitchell's avatar
      Reorganized AM ListResources. · 071b2e09
      Tom Mitchell authored
      Compression is now done in one place and in one way rather than two
      different places and two different ways. Added handling of an
      additional error case in the second call to resolve if a slice_urn is
      present. Improved comments as well.
    • Tom Mitchell's avatar
      Added ListResources on a slice. · 6b70a5ae
      Tom Mitchell authored
      The AM ListResources implementation had punted on the path that
      included a slice_urn in the options. This is now implemented per the
      GENI AM API spec. It's still a bit brittle, but working.
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    • Tom Mitchell's avatar
      Implement dynamically added slice authorities. · d4c20eb3
      Tom Mitchell authored
      The GENI AM can be invoked with slice credentials signed by previously
      unknown slice authorities. Unknown slice authorities are now added
      dynamically to the local (geni-cm) database if the slice authority
      cert is signed by a known CA root (in $TB/etc/genicacerts).
      The current implementation leaves the dynamically added slice
      authorities in the database. It would be straightforward to add the
      deletion of these slice authorities at the end of
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    • Tom Mitchell's avatar
      Change geni_compress to geni_compressed in AM. · 8649143d
      Tom Mitchell authored
      The API spec clearly states that the compression keyword is
      'geni_compressed'. Changed the erroneous 'geni_compress' to the
      correct keyword in GeniAM and the listresources am test script.
  30. 17 Aug, 2010 1 commit
    • Tom Mitchell's avatar
      Fix GENI AM ListResources return value. · b818c48b
      Tom Mitchell authored
      ListResources always return a string. If compression is requested the
      string's contents are a base64 encoded compressed RSpec. ListResources
      now takes the XML-RPC base64 result from DiscoverResources and
      converts it to a string value and returns that.
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    • Tom Mitchell's avatar
      Use real AM arguments instead of a single dict. · 3c1a1ccf
      Tom Mitchell authored
      ProtoGENI expects a single dictionary to be passed as the lone
      argument to all XML RPC functions. The GENI AM API uses regular
      argument passing. All Geni AM XML RPC operations now expect regular
      arguments. Test scripts were updated to pass regular arguments.
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