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      Changes to switch from using tag to rtag. Note that this commit requires · 7a2ef6f1
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      a locally modifed version of CVS that does a couple of extra things. The
      hacks are quite simple and currently on users. Briefly, there is a new
      config file option to specify a program to run when the tag operation is
      complete (similar to a module hook for rtag), and in tag.c I run that hook.
      Check out a sandbox as before:
        cvs -d ops.emulab.net:/proj/$pid/templates/XXXXX/cvsrepo rtag mytag XXXXX
      To create a new template (along the trunk), use the tag operation instead:
      	cd sandbox
      	cvs tag mtag
      and what for the email that says the template is created. You can
      continue to work along the trunk in this manner, although note that
      the .template file is changing (by the backend commit), and you might
      find it less distriacting to do a cvs update each time.
      To work along a branch:
      	cd sandbox
      	cvs tag -r existing_tag -b newtag1
              cvs update -r newtag
              make changes and commits
      	cvs tag newtag2
      When working along branched you will want to do a cvs update to get
      the .template file in sync.
  11. 09 Jul, 2007 1 commit
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      Checkpoint my cvs interface to the workbench. This first cut uses the · 8371fc79
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      "rtag" directive to initiate template modify operations. So, to get started
      you do a checkout:
        cvs -d ops.emulab.net:/proj/$pid/templates/XXXXX/cvsrepo checkout XXXXX
      where XXXXX is the part of the guid (10000/1) before the slash. Might try
      and roll all templates into a single project wide repo at some point, to
      avoid the extraneous path stuff, but didn't want to worry that just yet.
      Okay, so have a checkout. You can work along the trunk, doing commits. To
      create a new template (a modify of the existing template), you tag the tree
      using rtag:
        cvs -d ops.emulab.net:/proj/$pid/templates/XXXXX/cvsrepo rtag mytag XXXXX
      A template modify is started at the end, and you should probably wait for
      email before continuing. Eventually I will need to add locking of some
      kind, but I have to do the modify in the background, or else I get deadlock
      cause cvs keeps the repo locked, and the modify also needs to access it.
      Each time you tag along the trunk, you get a modified template, which in
      the history diagram looks like:
        10000/1 --> 10000/2 --> 10000/3 ...
      If you want to branch, say at 10000/2 you can create a branch tag using rtag:
        cvs -d [cut] rtag -r T10000/2 -b mytag2 XXXXX
      You can also use your own tags for -r option, but I also create a TXXXXX/YY
      tag at each template modify, which is easy to remember.
      Then update your sandbox to the new branch, commit changes along that
      branch, and then later use rtag again to initiate a template modify
        cvs update -r mytag2
        cvs commit ...
        cvs -d [cut] rtag -r mytag2 mytag3 XXXXX
      And now the history diagram looks like:
        10000/1 --> 10000/2 --> 10000/3 ...
                      -> 10000/4 ...
      You should be able to mix interaction via the web with interaction via the
      cvs interface. I've tested it, although not extensively.
  12. 05 Jul, 2007 4 commits
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      Fix typo found by Keith Sklower · 0cb4530f
      Robert Ricci authored
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      Patch from Keith Sklower: · be42987d
      Robert Ricci authored
      From: Keith Sklower <sklower@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
      To: testbed-ops@flux.utah.edu
      Subject: another emulab-in-emulab bugfix for non-routeable control nets
      Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 15:12:09 -0700 (PDT)
      If one is at ucb or isi or cornell, the inner ops and boss can't retrieve
      the flyspray or wiki sources from www.emulab.net;
      this shows up in install/ops-install.in.
      I'm pretty sure I described this problem before but here's an
      actual patch (which I just tried, and know at least to install
      rather than abort rc.mkelab):
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      Some of the scripts I've been working on to process and normalize top · febe5dab
      Robert Ricci authored
      and ptop files. They are intended for rolling distributions of historical
      topology information.
      check-top is essentially a full perl parser for top and ptop files, and
      should make it relatively easy to convert to other file formats.
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