1. 16 Sep, 2003 13 commits
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      tmcc ifconfig was getting called twice, the second time due to nse code. · 5bef91ea
      Shashi Guruprasad authored
      Eliminated the second call. The output from the first time is now used
      to construct the file $BOOTDIR/tmcc.ifconfig
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      More IXP changes: · 47ddaeb0
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * Put a hosts file in /opt/config, which gets copied to /etc/hosts on
        the IXP.
      * Put a resolv.conf in /opt/config, which gets copied to /etc on
        the IXP.
      * Add support for startcmd, which will override the default boot.
      * Do not squash root in the /opt export.
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      Small change to libplab to have it try to pull the plab rootball from · 235af941
      Kirk Webb authored
      a little local loopback httpd server which now runs on all slivers of
      the static utah1 slice.
      It falls back to pushing the tarball from Emulab central if the local
      fetch fails.  Also introduced the notion of versioning for the plab rootball.
      For now, just chang the ROOTBALL_NAME def at the beginning of this file; I'd
      like to move this into autoconf or the makefile eventually.
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      Plab stats page for the plab people. · bac9d111
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      Remove debugging code! · aba854b5
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      Changes to allow for exporting subnodes/vnodes that have their own · f06368f2
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      properly routable IPs addresses in the interfaces table.
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      Don't use nodes with less than 10% free disk · a1f39c0a
      Mike Hibler authored
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      Small changes to plab "etc" Makefile · 17ac2f75
      Kirk Webb authored
      - Not installing plabroot.tgz anymore
        - grrr, kept clobbering the one I was making by hand.  We should install
          and update this tarball out-of-band anyway
      - Installs new fixsudo shell script.
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      Oops: small bug fix. · 92c6eb66
      Kirk Webb authored
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      · e1a2fabc
      Kirk Webb authored
      Some PLAB dslice manager updates:
      - in addition to asking the dslice agent (on plab) for a list of available
        nodes, we now also fping them all to weed out unresponsive ones.  One problem
        here is that several plab nodes block ICMP; could be solved by pinging with
        nmap (tries both a ICMP, and TCP ping).  This affects the plabdaemon getfree
        command, and subsequently which plab nodes appear as "up" in the DB
      - Changed slice naming scheme:  we now append the experiment index onto the
        slice name to try to ensure uniqueness (emulab_<pid>_<eid>_<idx>)
      - Modified plabnode to try to cope with flaky nodes - there is some retry
        code in there now
      - Added the "fixsudo" shell script which is run very first as root (via the
        cumbersome "su" command) to fix sudoers for later sudo use on plab nodes.
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      Some fixes aimed at vnodes: · 7848e357
      Robert Ricci authored
      Don't allow intraswitch links to vnodes on switches - they'll get
      scored as direct links. Since LANs are now directly on switches, there
      were situations where we could have scored the same link as either
      direct or intraswitch, which results in two different scores. This can
      cause those 'contact calfeld' warnings, and might have caused some
      strange scoring fluxuations as assign ran.
      When picking a link to a switch, for emulated links, pick the least
      loaded link, not the one with the fewest users. This helps in situations
      where the link bandwidths are heterogenous.
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