1. 24 Mar, 2006 3 commits
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      · 623b9be0
      Kirk Webb authored
      Fix up plab renewal for current scheme.  We must now go out to each sliver
      individually and ask for it to be renewed.  I've added a new script to be
      run out of cron that will run through and attempt to renew all active slices.
      If a node cannot be renewed with its slice and comes sufficiently close to
      it's recorded expiration (currently two weeks out), mail will be sent to
      testbed ops warning about this situation.  Note that there will only be
      one email message per slice, containing a list of all nodes at risk for
      expiration.  The plab renewal daemon will no longer run as a result of
      this change.  Note that this is sort of a hack.  The better way would be
      to have the daemon perisistenly try to renew nodes that have failed until
      success, but that will take more work, and I might farm it off to the
      plab monitoring daemon anyway.
    • Kevin Atkinson's avatar
      · bcbd18aa
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Hhave swapexp/batchexp dump the error when the -w" option is
      specified.  The error will look something like:
        ERROR:: <cause desc>
        <text of the error>
        Cause: <cause>
        Confidence: <confidence>
      This will be the last thing printed.  The "::" is there to make
      recognizing the error easy to scripts since they can just look for the
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      Pass any arguments through to the stub · eaaef5c4
      Robert Ricci authored
  2. 23 Mar, 2006 5 commits
  3. 22 Mar, 2006 3 commits
  4. 21 Mar, 2006 17 commits
  5. 20 Mar, 2006 3 commits
  6. 17 Mar, 2006 1 commit
  7. 16 Mar, 2006 4 commits
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      More work on the framework for running the monitor and stub · c8bbc432
      Robert Ricci authored
      Now automatically determines the number of peers in the experiment.
      run-monitor-libnetmon.sh automatically generates the IP mapping file
      Auto-create /local/logs if it doesn't exist (it doesn't on our
      devbox image)
      Add two new 'auto' scripts - these are intended to be run as part
      of the automatic experiments. They properly wait for the stubs
      to start before starting the monitors, etc. They log the outputs
      of the stub and monitor to /local/logs, where loghole can pick
      them up. They also kill their children if they are killed (to be
      used with the program agent)
      The auto-* scripts need a little more work in term of properly waiting
      for their children to exit.
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      nsverify stuff: Fix a regression wrt to firewalls and handle · b12dad65
      Timothy Stack authored
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      Use libtblog for snmpitWarn and snmpitFatal so that we can directly · cacc42dd
      Robert Ricci authored
      tag snmpit error messages as being hardware errors.
      Don't export the snmpitFatal and snmpitWarn functions - these are
      really supposed to be internal, and I've tweaked their meaning a
      bit. Nothing else calls them.
    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Add TBERRORSEMAIL ... · c408b6e5
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
  8. 15 Mar, 2006 4 commits