1. 26 Apr, 2013 1 commit
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      Add a Linux kernel module for ipod. · 9436dfb0
      David Johnson authored
      Rather than have to patch the kernel's network stack at build time
      to catch ipod ICMP packets in the normal processing path, make it
      a loadable module that dynamically registers a netfilter hook to
      check ICMP packets for ipod info.  This way, we don't require
      custom-built kernels anymore to get ipod support.
      The only drawback to making it a module is that we now have to
      call emergency_restart() instead of machine_restart().  For x86
      kernels, this basically means that we don't do *any* niceties on
      shutdown.  For instance, even machine_restart() shuts down lapics
      and the iommu and deals with processors.  We can't call
      machine_restart because it's not exported as a symbol that modules
      can be linked with at load time.  kernel_restart() does way too
      much stuff that could block the reboot if things are in a bad state.
      Frankly, after looking at the difference between machine_restart
      and emergency_restart for the x86, we don't care.
      To build this module, all you should have ...
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      Add servers. · c9789904
      Leigh B Stoller authored
  9. 07 Apr, 2013 5 commits
  10. 05 Apr, 2013 4 commits
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      More better retries for deleting the volume. · 8cc46254
      Kirk Webb authored
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      Keep calm and carry on deleting resources · 02ab4a86
      Kirk Webb authored
      Keep trying to remove resources even when some of them fail to be reaped
      properly.  Log problems/errors, but tell mkvnode.pl that all is well in
      most cases.
      DO signal failure during vnode destruction if the key volume removal step
      fails.  This way we don't lose track of the state needed for a future
      cleanup attempt.
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      Use full netmask for first IP alias. · 8cdbeb37
      Kirk Webb authored
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      Overhaul of blockstore vm setup/teardown/cleanup. · dde74ba0
      Kirk Webb authored
      Simplified several things - got rid of some unnecessary checks that were
      actually causing problems.  Moved IP alias creation to appropriate
      library entry points (since they are now ephemeral constructs).  Fixed
      vlan interface creation/destruction to better support lans.  Changed how
      the vnode's state (existence, running, stopped, etc.) are checked.  This
      should fix stale resource cleanup and is also more lightweight.  Finally,
      keep the lock even while retrying deallocation when volume is busy.