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    • Gary Wong's avatar
      Fix admission control when an experiment has nodes already allocated. · eaeed4b0
      Gary Wong authored
      (The original approach was reusing the existing experiment record when
      trying to repeat admission control.  This did properly decrement the
      "used nodes" count, so that reallocating the same node to the same
      experiment wasn't counted twice; but unfortunately it didn't
      effectively increase the "free nodes" count and so it was still
      possible to encounter spurious failures.  This could affect both
      swapmod and RedeemTicket.)
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    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Two minor fixes: · edde5522
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. For multi-architecture, being fixed to a specific node is the same as
         being fixed to a specific type.
      2. Watch for return value from nalloc, where -1 becomes 255. Hate that.
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  14. 29 Dec, 2016 1 commit
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Modernize elabinelab and Emulab install support a bit. · f7e53243
      Mike Hibler authored
      Support FreeBSD 10.3. We will need to be moving to this before long
      as 10.2 EOLs in two days.
      Support setup of "Emulab-aware" ZFS use in install scripts. Note that
      the core support code was already done (WITHZFS, WITHAMD). Mostly this
      involves changes to setup either amd (WITHAMD==1) or autofs (WITHAMD==0)
      on the boss node and to NOT add mounts of /{users,groups,proj} to
      /etc/fstab. We still need to add a section to the install documentation
      about setting up a zpool for Emulab to use. There was also a fix to the
      firstuser script which did not do the account setup correctly.
      Support setup of ZFS in elabinelab. The elabinelab attributes CONFIG_ZFS
      and CONFIG_AUTOFS are used to convey intent here. Currently they can only
      be used in an "ops+fs" config (e.g., the standard boss and ops config,
      NOT the seperate fs node config). It should work with either the physical
      or virtual node setups:
      * For the physical node setup, we actually use local blockstores in the
        ops node config: a SYSVOL blockstore for /usr/testbed and a tiny 1Mib
        NONSYSVOL blockstore. The latter blockstore is not actually used, we
        just make it to force setup of a ZFS zpool which we then use for the
        inner elab.
      * For the virtual node setup, we just identify the virtual EXTRADISK
        intended for "/q" and create a zpool on that device.
      I would like to change all physical elabinelab setups to use blockstors
      rather than the current hacky mkextrafs usage. But that is a task for
      another day.
      Finally, a couple of random changes in elabinelab code: change the
      CentOS image downloaded to CENTOS7-64-STD, increased the default sizes
      of the EXTRADISKS used in the VM config.
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    • David Johnson's avatar
      Bring libosload_new back into synch with libosload. · 48da2bbf
      David Johnson authored
      There wasn't a ton to do here (thanks mostly to Mike and Leigh keeping
      this pretty up-to-date), but there were a few new cut and paste bugs,
      and a few places where bugfixes or new features from libosload hadn't
      quite made it across.
      Maybe libosload_new hadn't been tested with vnodes, and at any rate, the
      type/class-based loading mechanism couldn't find a libosload_new package
      for them.  But the core of the support was there (libosload_virtnode).
      So I added a libosload_pcvm class that sits atop libosload_virtnode.
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