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      Various changes to MLE support, related to issue #317: · 57def35b
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. We now allow lans to be implemented by a path. We did not allow this
         before, cause some of the sanity checking code was a pain to
         implement for lans. Well, no more sanity checking, the user is
         responsible for doing things correctly (after all, they are doing
         experiments with their own switches!).
      2. We now allow topologies with more then one switch to be wired
         together. The wires between switches are marked as "trunk" wires,
         which informs the configuration generation code in libosload_switch
         to create the trunks and do the little tagged/untagged magic that is
         required on procurve switches. The same information is used to mark
         the the logical wires between switches as trunks.
         Aside: this stuff needs some work; we have spanning tree on by
         default, which causes the trunks to not work correctly. When I turn
         that off, things start working. So need some help from others who now
         about spanning tree stuff.
      3. Serious kludging in the Interface and Port libraries related to
         choice of primary keys in the wires table. In order to insert a
         logical wire (or interface) that represents a connection setup by the
         apcon, we have to overload the primary key since the node_id1 side of
         the logical wires is the same as the physical wire to the apcon. We
         have to have overload the node_id2 side too, but that is really just
         a problem when wiring two switches together. Anyway, the kludge just
         maps card1 to a different id, and the Port library unmaps it. It will
         do for now, but really need logical wires to be done better then
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      Stupid port ranges! Make per experiment range larger. · 484edfc0
      Mike Hibler authored
      We need to get rid of this!
      Since BSD jail days we have attempted to partition up the UDP/TCP port
      range among vnodes as jails and their host shared the same namespace.
      Originally we supported a range of 256 per experiment which wound up
      limiting the number of experiments we could instantiate. In order to get
      a class up and running where we expected a large number of single-vnode
      experiments, I reduced the range to 32 to allow more experiments, forgetting
      that we pick a unique port per-vnode from that range to use for sshd.
      So as a result I limited the number of vnodes per experiment to 32!
      Did I mention that we need to eviscerate this mechanism with extreme
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      Issue #316 emulab/emulab-devel · c5ce9d4c
      Dan Reading authored
      In checknode code for FreeBSD don't check the /dev/ad* device if it is a symlink.
      [I think the a error in the test command for -c]
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