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      This version includes heavy duty machinery for parallelizing activities · c8781411
      Keith Sklower authored
      among all switches in a stack.  Does check to see if the required additional
      perl modules are installed and will revert to standard behavior if not there.
      Currently only looking up vlan numbers from all the switches in the stack
      is actually parallelized; this alone results in a speed up by a factor of 5
      on DETER.
      Additional speedups could be gained if we assign all the vlan numbers for
      vlans in snmpit -t at the time it is run thereby allowing us to
      construct different vlans in different switches in an overlapping way.
      We haven't implemented this yet on DETER awaiting synchronizing with the
      mothership to make use of VLan->setVlanTag().
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      add --vlan_tag option to snmpit (for use with dragon signaling) · 59ae8faa
      Keith Sklower authored
      handle quieting backends in a different way - (to minimized changes
      to nortel, foundry, and hp support), use perl "select" with one arg
      to change default for "print" with no explicit fileglob.
      print STDERR, STDOUT, still works; won't interfere with tblog() and friends.
      will put parallization mods in a separate CVS change.
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