1. 03 Jun, 2005 1 commit
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      Fixes a fun little bug that's been screwing me over for awhile now. · 4dd8ff10
      David Johnson authored
      Basically, tbuisp was checking if a file was an exe or srec based on
      extension.  This was failing when tbuisp was invoked from xmlrpc, because
      the rpc server created a temp file without a .exe extension.  Thus, tbuisp
      thought that the file was an srec (since it wasn't an exe)... and motes
      were not getting programmed properly.  tbuisp now distinguishes which type
      the file is using avr-objdump, and matching the format.  The downside of
      this is that we'll need to support different kinds of exe binary types as
      we add different kinds of motes (i.e., the binary type for our avr-based
      motes is elf32-avr... surely the telos motes will have a different type).
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