1. 12 Feb, 2007 3 commits
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      * Replace the argument processing code in all pages. Currently we rely on · 48acc8e3
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
        register_globals=1 to turn POST/GET/COOKIES arguments in local variables.
        This is known to be a terrible security risk, and we keep saying we are
        going to fix it, and now I am. In order to accomplish this on a
        transitional basis (since I don't want the entire web interface to stop
        working while I debug it), and because the code just needs the cleanup, I
        am doing it like this: Each page will sport new declarations at the top:
      	RequiredPageArguments("experiment", PAGEARG_EXPERIMENT,
                                    "template",   PAGEARG_TEMPLATE,
                                    "instance",   PAGEARG_INSTANCE,
                                    "metadata",   PAGEARG_METADATA,
                                    "osinfo",     PAGEARG_OSINFO,
                                    "image",      PAGEARG_IMAGE,
                                    "project",    PAGEARG_PROJECT,
                                    "group",      PAGEARG_GROUP,
                                    "user",       PAGEARG_USER,
      			      "node",       PAGEARG_NODE,
      			      "yesno",      PAGEARG_BOOLEAN,
      			      "message",    PAGEARG_STRING,
      			      "age",        PAGEARG_INTEGER,
                                    "cost",       PAGEARG_NUMERIC,
                                    "formfields", PAGEARG_ARRAY,
                                    "unknown",    PAGEARG_ANYTHING);
      	OptionalPageArguments("canceled", PAGEARG_BOOLEAN);
        The first token in each pair is the name of the global variable to
        set, and the second token is the type. So, for "experiment" we look at
        the URL for a pid/eid or exptidx, etc, sanity check them (safe for a
        DB query), and then try to find that experiment in the DB. If it maps
        to an experiment, set global variable $experiment to the object. Since
        its a required argument, produce an error if not supplied. Similar
        treatment for optional arguments, with the obvious difference.
        The goal is to have ALL argument processing in one place, consistent,
        and correct. I've found numerous places where we leak unchecked
        arguments into queries. It also cuts out a lot of duplicated code.
      * To make the above easier to deal with, I've been replacing lots of
        hardcoded URLS in the code of the form:
      	foo.php3?pid=$pid&eid=$eid ...
              CreateURL("foo", $experiment)
        which creates and returns the neccessary url string, by looking at
        the type of its arguments (experiment, template, instance, etc.)
        Eventually plan to replace them all so that URL handling throughout
        the code is all defined in one place (all the new URL code is in
      * I have cranked up error reporting to tell me anytime a variable is
        used before it is initialized, plus a bunch of other stuff that PHP
        deems improper. Think of it like -Wall ... and boy we get a lot of
        warnings.  A very large percentage of the diffs are to fix all these
        The warnings are currently going to /usr/testbed/log/php-errors.log,
        and I'll be adding a script to capture them each night and mail them
        to tbops. This file also gets errors (this will be a change for
        developers; rather then seeing errors and warnings dumped in the
        middle of web pages, they will go to this file instead).
      * Major refactoring of the code. More objects (nodes, images, osids).
        Moving tons of queries into the objects in the hopes of someday
        getting to a point where we can split the web interface onto a
        different server.  Lots of general cleanup.
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      Commented out code that writes the list of possible nodes to a file. · 62d25f4f
      Dan Gebhardt authored
      This file was used for "human reference" when comparing to the nodes
      Emulab knows about.
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      Fix a debugging statement. · cf8e861f
      Robert Ricci authored
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      Remove some leftover debugging output. · dc0e0a5b
      Robert Ricci authored
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      Make sure MAGENT_NORECV has a value · e0e4596c
      Mike Hibler authored
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      SNAPLEN_SIZE = 200. For UDP payload. · f9d431a0
      Jonathon Duerig authored
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      Reduced snaplen to 100. Removed sensor logging by default and main_loop... · f61568f5
      Jonathon Duerig authored
      Reduced snaplen to 100. Removed sensor logging by default and main_loop logging by default. This should reduce the data generated by the magent by 80% or so.
      The SENSOR_* logging can be looked at by running in replay. The MAIN_LOOP stuff just gives timings to determine how long the application spent sleeping in select.
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      · e56750ff
      Russ Fish authored
      Finished adding machinery and data, probed the first 3/4 of the pages with it.
       . Add interspersed action lines to make the {setup,teardown}_forms.list files
         more like scripts, including wget and sql shortcuts.
       . Add undo actions so multiple setup/teardown probes don't collide.  Undo the
         state changes after a probe that *DOESN'T FAIL*, due to ignoring the probe
         value given for the input field.  E.g, the first beginexp that succeeds
         uses up the experiment name and blocks all other probes, so the experiment
         has to be deleted again before the next probe is done.
       . Add a ! prefix for input_values.list lines to skip the input field entirely.
       . Probe both POST input field args, and GET action= args on the same page.
       . Change success/failure lines from text snippets to grep patterns.  Give
         failure matching patterns precedence over success.  Finish categorizing
         probe output pages (needed by the probe undo mechanism.)
       . Add activation and setup/teardown for probing nodetype, osid, and imageid pages.
       . Add analysis of overall success/failure page counts to the probes_msg.
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      Array index counting the number of ACKs was being double incremented - fixed. · b973f1c3
      Pramod R Sanaga authored
      Change in the wrap around compare function - to take sender timestamps into account.
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      Basically, this is mod_PLCNM.py.in, but with a bunch of conversions over · f7d48f67
      David Johnson authored
      to PLC 4.  I haven't added the new NM functionality yet, so that stuff is
      stubbed out.
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