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      A set of changes to make swapmod work on jailed nodes (note, swapmod · 92ff875a
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      does not yet work with remove virtual nodes; that will take even more
      Added a new allocstate called RES_TEARDOWN. assign_wrapper no longer
      deallocates unused nodes, but rather moves them into the new state for
      the wrapper (tbswap) to deal with. Thats cause deleted vnodes need to
      be torn down, since its possible that the node on which they were
      living will not be deallocated (say, if there are other vnodes on
      it). We do not want to be doing that from assign_wrapper, so tbswap
      looks for those nodes.
      Made vnode_setup allocstate aware in the same way that os_setup is;
      do not reboot vnodes or try to set up vnodes when they are already in
      the RES_READY state, as they will be when doing a swapmod. In
      addition, if os_setup is going to reboot the underlying physnode, move
      the vnodes on that node into RES_READY too, since there they will
      setup automatically. Might need an interim state here, for correctness.
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      Clean up permission check. · c832fa47
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      Remove the sanity check of the experiment state.
      Add check for a local node and do not setup/teardown since the reboot
      will take care of that (jailed nodes setup at boot time, and obviously
      they are going to get torn down when the node goes down!).
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      Changes to sshtb. Remove sshremote, and convert sshtb into a perl · 231fc2b1
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      script that checks the database to see if local or remote. The problem
      with this is that the ssh syntax makes it hard to determine the host
      name by inspection. Would need to parse all the ssh args (bad idea),
      ot work backwards and try to figure out the difference between the
      command (which is not a string but a sequence of args) and the host
      and the preceeding ssh args. Hell with that! Changed sshtb to require
      a specific -host argument. Read the args and look for it. Error out of
      not found, to catch improper usage.
      The moral of this update: "sshtb [ssh args] -host <host> [more args ...]
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