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      Minor fixes to previous revision. · 4cfd34f6
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      Two sets of changes: · 3721db31
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      1. Implement most of issue #258: Add a start and end time for
         announcements. Also add a target uid for announcements.  Also add a
         purge option to fully remove announcements from the database, rather
         then retiring them. Add priorities for ordering announcements.
         Add update mode to modify an existing announcement.
         In other news, announcements now have a uuid and can be specified on
         the command line using their index or their uuid. For the web
         interface we now use uuids only instead of database indexes.
      2. The web interface now polls for announcements so that users see new
         announcements without reloading. I noticed that a lot people stay
         parked on the status page and might not see them. Cleaned up DB
         queries and formatting to make is easier to use in an ajax call.
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      Change "genesis" to "portal" what the hell was I thinking when I · 040ea3be
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      picked genesis. But this change actually has content; we need to
      distinguish between classic projects and emulab portal projects
      (new projects created via the portal, and used via the portal).  For now
      these are distinct until we decide to bring everyone up to the new
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