1. 19 Sep, 2003 7 commits
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      Redo the Edit Experiment Metadata page; turned it into a standard form · 3f56ba9b
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      based page that looks like the original Begin Experiment page. Be sure
      to look at the page in both admin mode and non-admin mode since I had
      some trouble determining how swappable is treated these days.
      Oh, added the ability to convert non-batch experiments into batch, and
      back. The experiment must be unlocked and in the swapped state to go
      in either direction.
      Also added the cpu_usage and mem_usage slots for editing. I added a
      comment about planetlab only, since otherwise we would just confuse
      normal users who have no idea what they mean. I could conditionalize
      them on having plab nodes, but thats difficult to figure out in the
      web page when the experiment is swapped out, so lets not worry about
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      First whack at a per-node stats program that will make a stats web page go. · 4bc8c274
      Mike Hibler authored
      Usage: plabstats [-dfh] [-CDHILMS]
        -d    print debug diagnostics
        -f    fetch new data, else use what is in /tmp/plabxml
        -h    this help message
        -i    print IP address along with metrics
        -n    do not print hostname with metrics
        -C    print Ganglia CPU metrics, sorted by %CPU usage
        -D    print Ganglia disk metrics, sorted by %disk usage
        -L    print Ganglia load metrics, sorted by one minute load
        -M    print Ganglia memory metrics, sorted by %mem usage
        -S    print Emulab state info, summarizing per-node availability
      Default is to print a terse summary of per-node resource usage.
      Use "plabstats -f" to get fresh data or try something whacky like:
      	plabstats -S | grep accept_3
      to get the list of nodes which are currently available for mapping
      by a "level 3" (aka, average) resource consuming experiment, or:
      	plabstats -S | grep reject
      to get info about the nodes that cannot be used along with the reason(s) why.
      Needs some refinement:
        plabmetrics should store raw info into the DB where plabstats can get it
        presentation of Emulab state info should be improved
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      Oops, forgot to commit our little sh script that gets copied over and run · 78710371
      Kirk Webb authored
      first on plab nodes to fix up sudo.
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      · abc9fa4b
      Kirk Webb authored
      * New GNUmakefile that produces the rootball - not linked in from
        the main TB build.
        - You can (almost) completely build the plab rootball just from the
          testbed source tree.  The one wrinkle is that you must copy the
          Linux tmcc binary into the tmcd/plab object dir since there is no
          great way to build it automatically, and storing it in CVS is not
          a good idea since its likely to change.
      * Removed the suid RPM, no longer needed - added suidperl binary
        since I couldn't think of a better place to put it.
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      A couple of enhancements to libplab: · d8b5e83b
      Kirk Webb authored
      - new SENDMAIL function that mirrors the perl lib's
      - retry logic for communicating with the dslice agent when a slice/sliver is
        being deleted (plabnode free)
      One thing I'd like to do is write a wrapper class around agent and node
      manager communication since it can be flaky - would clean up a and simplify
      things.  Maybe just wait since we're going to have to port over to dynamic
      slices soon enough.
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      Show the new widearea_nodeinfo.{hostname,site} columns on the web · 85bc6655
      Robert Ricci authored
      and in reports.
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