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      Address Pats comments in email to testbed-ops: · 1728fe2b
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
          From: "Patrick Tullmann 'tullmann'" <tullmann@cs.utah.edu>
          Subject: Re: TESTBED: aclement janos Project Join Request
          First the reply-to: address for approval mails should be
          testbed-ops@fast (right?).
          Second, Austin isn't listed on my testbed user approval page.  I
          assume Mike or a testbed person approved him (which is good because
          who knows when I'd get around to it. :)
          An option like "remove" or "ignore" or something like that for just
          nuking requests without a reply would be useful (I've got some guy
          from yahoo.com who wants to join Janos).
          Also, the date of the join request would be nice to know (e.g., for
          the above, I think he tried joining 4 or 5 months ago).
          he documentation above the table is out of synch with the pull-down
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      Lots of little changes for sending email to the right places, with · 3285bc3e
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      proper headers. Split out some of the mail into testbed-logs,
      testbed-ops, and testbed-approval. Added a library for including from
      our perl scripts. Contains a couple of mail helper functions, but will
      hopefully contain more as time goes by.
      Fixed a bug in the web interface that was causing breakage for people
      with multiple accounts. Mac and Jay have noticed this, when logging
      out and trying to join or create a project under a new or different
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      * Crude attempt at disallowing overlap of new uids with existing CS · 1c47fd11
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
        accounts. If the email address is not a cs.utah.edu address, then
        cross check the uid against the cslogins DB in /usr/testbed/etc.
        The DB is created with /users/stoller/cslogins.pl like this:
          ypcat passwd | awk -F : '{print $1}' | cslogins.pl cslogins
        This creates cslogins.db, which I then copied to /usr/testbed/etc.
        As soon as I get a clear idea of whether ypcat is going to work
        in the future, I will automate this part.
      * Also added some sanity checking to make sure the email address looks
        reasonable (since I needed the domain anyway).
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      Change "already logged in" error message to reflect the fact that we · 37963e7a
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      do not actually know for sure if the user is not logged in, or just
      some new user who happened to pick an existing name. Make this clear
      in the error message so that new users know to pick a new name.
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