1. 03 Feb, 2006 12 commits
  2. 02 Feb, 2006 17 commits
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      Updated date of Eide et al., FTN-2006-01. · cd676d52
      Eric Eide authored
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      Update switches and routers section. · 35f7deb5
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      Sometimes a NIC would claim to configure, but not take an IP address. ... · f787f896
      Russ Fish authored
      Sometimes a NIC would claim to configure, but not take an IP address.  Disable/re-enable the interface when that happens.
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      Windows nondeterministically lost one or more NICS in ipconfig. ... · dceacd25
      Russ Fish authored
      Windows nondeterministically lost one or more NICS in ipconfig.  Disable/re-enable the interface when that happens.
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      Change default search behaviour · 57116c53
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      · 0a4176c1
      Timothy Stack authored
      Various nfstrace changes that have been sitting in my tree for awhile.
      	* GNUmakefile.in: Do fs-install in the sensors subdir so the
      	nfstracer gets installed.
      	* sensors/and/and-emulab.priorities: Add some more daemon uid's to
      	be excluded from auto-nicing.
      	* sensors/and/and.c: Ignore invalid uids/gids in the config file
      	instead of dying.
      	* sensors/nfstrace/GNUmakefile: Makefile used to generate
      	* sensors/nfstrace/GNUmakefile.in: Some more installation stuff.
      	* sensors/nfstrace/nfsdb-create.sql: SQL used to create the nfsdb
      	* sensors/nfstrace/nfsdump2db: Bunch of bug fixes and cleanup.
      	* sensors/nfstrace/nfsdump2db.8, sensors/nfstrace/nfstrace.7,
      	sensors/nfstrace/nfstrace.proxy.8: Start at some man pages.
      	* sensors/nfstrace/nfstrace.init.in: Try to detect the interface
      	to listen on, not perfect though.  Add a restart handler that just
      	restarts nfsdump2db.  Some other cleanup.
      	* sensors/nfstrace/nfstrace.proxy: Some optimizations for
      	resolving file names.
      	* sensors/nfstrace/nfsdump2/*: Only print summaries of read/write
      	packets and start a separate thread to read from the bpf socket.
      	* tbsetup/tbswap.in: Stop transferring nfs accesses to boss' db
      	until we figure out what we want to do with it.
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      · 11f6065f
      Timothy Stack authored
      Finish off changes to consult the os_boot_cmd table when setting
      	* db/libdb.pm.in: Add TBGetOSBootCmd function that returns the
      	boot command line for an osid/role.
      	* sql/database-fill-supplemental.sql: Add some queries that
      	initialize the os_boot_cmd table.
      	* tbsetup/assign_wrapper.in: For nodes that need linkdelays or
      	inner elab boss nodes, set their command line using
      	TBGetOSBootCmd.  Since the TBGetOSBootCmd function needs a "real"
      	OSID to work, we resolve the nextosid for any meta OSIDs.
      	* tbsetup/elabinelab.in: Add os_boot_cmd to the list of full
      	tables to be dumped.
      	* tbsetup/ns2ir/elabinelab-withfsnode.ns,
      	tbsetup/ns2ir/elabinelab.ns: Remove boot command lines,
      	assign_wrapper does it instead.
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      Update. · 8af2b447
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      · 08a74ca6
      Kirk Webb authored
      Fix up the plav event proxy a bit.  It was sending RELOAD notifications
      when it should have been scheduling UPDATEs.  The RELOAD event handler was
      also updated to schedule and update.  Replaced some sprintfs with snprintfs,
      and added a log file and some helpful log output.
      pa-wrapper: tell libtmcc we don't want a cached "plabconfig" result.
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      Add support for announcing the closing and opening of sockets to the · 3be966cd
      Robert Ricci authored
      monitor. (output version 2)
      Wrap read(), recv(), and recvmsg() so that we can detect EOF on a
      socket by a zero-length read.
      Run a function to announce the closing of sockets at exit time, in
      case any are still open.
      Wrap accept() so that we can deal with traffic sent (NOT recieved) by
      servers as well.
      Fix minor bug where I was forgetting to ntohs() a port number.
  3. 01 Feb, 2006 11 commits