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      Use the new Utah-added -A option to iperf to attempt to fine tune the · e1cbdaaa
      Mike Hibler authored
      FIN timeout thus getting more accurate BW measurements.  From the code:
                        # Even without packet loss, there is a good chance that
                        # iperf's end-of-stream (FIN) will be lost since we are
                        # over-driving the link.  The ACK for that FIN needs to
                        # be received before iperf's timer stops, so a long
                        # timeout (for resending the FIN) on a short duration
                        # run will lower the BW reading considerably.  So we
                        # attempt to keep the timeout as short as possible,
                        # taking into account the round-trip latency of the link.
                        # We may also need to adjust the run time of the test
                        # upward, but we do not exceed the indicated max duration.
                        # 250 ms is the default timeout value for iperf.  We
                        # start with a candidate value of 50 ms which is chosen
                        # as it is sufficient for the 3% BW error on min duration
                        # (3 second) tests.  You should not pick a base acktime
                        # less than the resolution of the clock (10ms or 1ms).
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      Add new '-A <timo>' option to set the length of time the client will · 95f14c95
      Mike Hibler authored
      wait for an ACK of its FIN.  The fixed 1/4 second was too big for us.
      The option gets passed over to the server when running in tradeoff or
      dual modes.