1. 23 Jan, 2002 5 commits
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      Added an example of a dynamic rage, to be used when setting up nodes · 3b82ad65
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      for the first time.
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      New option: -c . Clears all VLANs are re-creates them from the · cee6ab9c
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      database.  Intended to be used to recover switch state after a
      crash or power outage.
      This option is farily dangerous, as it temporarily disrupts all
      experimental traffic, and will remove all hand-created VLANs.
      So, it interactively asks for confirmation that the user (who
      must be an admin, of course) really wants to do this.
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      There should _NOT_ be die()s in the modules, as this prevents · ae79f02d
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      things from getting cleaned up on failure.
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      Some minor API changes to increase effieciency for Intels. · 9bd1dded
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      First, the stack-level createVlan() function no longer takes as an
      argument a list of devices the VLAN exists on, since it looks like
      this will never be needed.
      In it's place, createVlan() now takes a list of ports, so that it can
      (if so desired) put the ports in the VLAN without a seperate lock and
      The snmpit_intel module now uses its 'nested locking' feature to avoid
      additional locking in these cases. Note though, that the way that this
      is done is not safe for multiple switches in a stack. If we ever have
      to support multiple Intels (looks doubtful), this will have to be
      removed, or locking will need to be moved a level up to
      snmpit_intel_stack . Yuck.
      For Intels, the removeVlan() function calls removePortsFromVlan()
      itself, again to save locking overhead. The Cisco behavior, however,
      is unchanged, as locking is not expensive, and this would be too
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