1. 29 Oct, 2004 1 commit
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      dhclient changes for ElabInElab. The crux of this is that inner · 3afcab05
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      nodes are treated specially. For inner boss/ops, ignore most of what
      DHCPD returns; we need to do the DHCP so that we know what interface,
      but for the moment stuff is hardwired into /etc/rc.conf when the inner
      boss and ops are created. I can probably fix this up later as needed,
      to be more dynamic for supporting swapout/swapin of an inner emulab,
      but swapout and restore of an inner elab has som many open issues,
      that not worrying about it now.
      For inner nodes, the change is simple; If no hostname provided, ignore
      the DHCPD reply completely, favoring a full reply from the inner
      control network, and returning -1 from the exit hook so that dhclient
      keeps trying in the foreground.
      I am committing these so they get into new images.
  2. 28 Oct, 2004 6 commits
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  5. 25 Oct, 2004 10 commits
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      Minor side-track: when Jay asked for frisbee numbers I noticed that our · def95827
      Mike Hibler authored
      times have gotten worse since the USENIX paper.  Turns out we were operating
      at lower BW than the paper (62/Mb sec vs. 70Mb) due to clock granularity.
      The disk was falling idle too much.  Cranked it back up to 72Mb/sec for
      "standard" (/usr/testbed) images.  Actually lowered it to about 54Mb/sec
      for "user" images that have to be read across NFS (/proj).
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      · 636aaa2b
      Timothy Stack authored
      Changes to the "auto nice daemon" so it can work better in Emulab.
        * sensors/and/GNUmakefile.in: Emulab-specific make file.  Updated to
          work with a build tree separate from the source and gave it a new
          version number. Files are installed under "/usr/testbed/" on ops.
        * sensors/and/Makefile: Add a warning that this is not the real
          makefile for us.
        * sensors/and/and-OpenBSD.c: Update to work with FreeBSD and add
          support for reporting process start time.
        * sensors/and/and-emulab.conf.in: Emulab-specific configuration,
          similar to the standard one, except it sends mail to tbops when it
          does something.
        * sensors/and/and-emulab.priorities: Emulab-specific priorities
          database. It excludes daemon pseudo users and the event-scheduler,
          otherwise, niceness levels apply to everyone.
        * sensors/and/and.8.man: Add the pid file to the 'FILES' section.
        * sensors/and/and.c: Added support for running a command when a
          niceness level change occurs.  Also writes out the pid file when
          not running in test mode.
        * sensors/and/and.conf.5.man: Add docs for the level commands.
        * sensors/and/and.h: Add start time and child CPU time to the
          and_procent struct.
        * sensors/and/and.startup: Changed to use "test" instead of bash
          syntax and the pid file is now used instead of killall.  Also
          added a "reconfig" option that HUPs the daemon.
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      Minor fix to stats code; Watch for a swapmod on a swapped out · 3595089a
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      experiment, and not count its pnodes or duration as if it was swapped
      in! Thanks Kirk.
      The actual fix is simple. The script to fix up the existing stats
      records was a bear and took me all morning to get right! Even so, its
      probably no perfect, but close enough. That script in the sql directory
      and mentioned in doc/UPDATING.
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      Add a couple of cygwinxp-relevant comments. · 7d9e890f
      Russ Fish authored
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      First installment of cygwinxp support. · e7a497f8
      Russ Fish authored
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      Add a separate tmcc cache file for the new SWAPPER= field of the · 3f1d56ac
      Russ Fish authored
      tmcc creator query.
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      Add sub to return a unique index from the emulab-indicies table · d5b41592
      Mike Hibler authored
      and use it in mkusercert.  I need this elsewhere.
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      Bah, broke frisbee with my little SIGINFO handler. · 3d656c8f
      Mike Hibler authored
      Don't define it for frisbee.