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      > > >An optimization that would be nice, and perhaps this was intended to do this, · cd473380
      Shashi Guruprasad authored
      > > >is to collapse stuff like:
      > > >
      > > >         192.168.3        UGSc        0       12  veth6
      > > >        UGHS        0        9  veth6
      > > >        UGHS        0       12  veth6
      > > >
      > > >into the single net route.
      Found the problem. My code took care of the case where the net route was
      calculated first and if a host route came up for the same subnet with the
      same hop, it would skip adding the host route. However, if the host route
      were added first before the net route, it was a problem. To illustrate the
      problem, the host route to 3.2 is added on FG1 when the net route was
      calculated for node 'A' at 7.0 . At this point however, the net route for
      3.0 hasn't been defined yet coz that'll come later in the route to dst
      'AS1'. Experiment testbed/vroutetest.
      The solution is to consider adding host routes only after all net routes
      have been added to the DB. Changes to the code weren't trivial this time.
      Also, when adding host routes, I add the first one as a net route. If
      subsequent host routes have the same hop, they'll get skipped. Otherwise,
      a host route with a longer prefix will take precedence. With all these
      changes, the number of routes in testbed/vroutetest experiment came down
      from 361 (> NxN) to 162 (< NxN) where NxN is 289 . Mike, let me know if
      things are alright after rebooting vnodes in your experiment.
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      I found the bug. In one path, the host route calculation was being · 93971eef
      Shashi Guruprasad authored
          if ($optimize) {
      	my $newip = inet_ntoa(inet_aton($dstip) & inet_aton($NETMASK));
      	if (defined($netroutes{"$src:$newip"})) {
      	    if ($netroutes{"$src:$newip"} ne $hop) {
      		die("*** $0:\n".
      		    "    network route mismatch: $src:$dst:$hop!\n");
      	$netroutes{"$src:$newip"} = $hop;
      	$type  = "net";
      	$dstip = $newip;
      If a NET route is already defined for a subnet because of a previous route
      (to a different dst on the same LAN), it would skip doing the HOSTROUTES.
      This problem wouldn't occur with links alone in the topology. Looks like
      it was never caught because no one probably tried pinging IPs of all
      interfaces while using LANs. Note that this problem wouldn't occur for
      directly connected neighbors (even if they are on a LAN). The latter is
      the reason why maryland folks didn't encounter this problem.
      The bottomline: We need Dave (West)'s automated testing tool!
      Fixed, committed and installed.
      Mike, I have fixed the routes in your experiment. Just reboot your
      On Fri, 15 Aug 2003, Mike Hibler wrote:
      > I've know we have been round and round this one, but it appears that
      > rtproto Static is not producing routes to all IP addrs listed in the
      > hosts file.  Again, it is nodes with multiple interfaces and we don't
      > have routes to the nodes on all of those interfaces.  I thought we came
      > up with some solution (or at least hack) for this?
      > You can see this in the testbed/vroutetest experiment by logging into
      > say EGG1.vroutetest.testbed.emulab.net and trying to ping "F-3".
      > Note that this is a vnode so you'll have to slogin from ops or, better,
      > use the fine ssh-mime.pl thingee of Leigh's from the web page.
      > Honestly, I tried going back to the mail archive to find last time this
      > came up, but I didn't find anything useful!
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      Get rid of static gated config files · daf09464
      Mike Hibler authored
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      Fix files for new exitcodes from tbprerun. · 698197b0
      Mac Newbold authored
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      Add the toomanylinks test back in. · 512f0fb3
      Mac Newbold authored
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      Fix the dbstate for current schema. · 64aa78f6
      Mac Newbold authored
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