1. 07 Dec, 2004 10 commits
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      Move HOSTSFILE into liblocsetup for Windows. · 1ec51476
      Russ Fish authored
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      Added socket communications, etc. · 53d65f4a
      Daniel Flickinger authored
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      · ce46a57a
      Daniel Flickinger authored
      More sockets and integration
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      A number of changes: · 261b35fe
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * Always run assign_wrapper using -t mode. This just runs the top file
        stuff, and writes the min/max nodes into the DB.
      * Then look at the security level for the experiment, and if orange or
        red, create a parallel elabinelab experiment to run it in. This is a
        completely new experiement in addition to the original. The two
        experiments are linked with some DB state so we know what experiment
        to fire off inside the inner elab. I am using a template NS file and
        passing in the number of nodes computed in the previous step above.
        The template includes the firewall rules.
        This is quote hokey. It should be more invisible to the user.
        I have not dealt with yellow (just a firewall).
      * I added some stats code so that we update the experiement_stats
        record with the elabinelab status and security level.
      * Cleanup how errors were handled and get rid of silly duplicated
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      Add TBExptMinMaxNodes(), TBExptSecurityLevel(), and TBExptIDX() · 8bca6c6f
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      utility functions, which do the obvious stuff.
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      · 0ed6b518
      Timothy Stack authored
      Command line tools for the robot protocol:
      	* configure, configure.in: Add the robots GNUmakefiles.
      	* robots/mtp/GNUmakefile.in: Add command line tools: mtp_send and
      	* robots/mtp/mtp.c: Make readall return an error if all of the
      	data wasn't read instead of making the caller check.  Free the
      	buffer allocated in mtp_send_packet.  Add an mtp_free_packet.
      	* robots/mtp/mtp_recv.c: Faux receiver of mtp packets, it doesn't
      	actually follow the protocol, it just prints out whatever it
      	* robots/mtp/mtp_send.c: Command line tool for sending mtp
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      Checkpoint latest stable version. The big change is that boss and ops · ce5b0c61
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      are setup with static routing/ifconfig by adding proper goo to rc.conf.
      Previously, I was asking outer boss on each bootup, but this approach is
      unworkable in a firewalled setting.
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      * After rebooting the inner nodes, ssh into the inner boss and run · dd3b8989
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
        utility script to wait for them to reboot and reach PXEWAIT. This
        indicates inner emulab is raelly ready
      * When an inner experiment is defined (elabinelab_eid in experiments
        table) fire that experiment off by doing an ssh into inner boss. I
        am currently doing this with -w (wait mode) but eventually will need
        to do it async for experiments in which the control net is turned
        off. Also, not actually swapping experiment in yet since multicast
        and frisbee are still broken inside.
      * Add -k mode for cleaning up. The intent of this is to avoid power
        cycling all the nodes cause outer elab cannot reboot or ipod them.
        Goes like this:
        * Clear the inner_elab_role for experiment's nodes from the reserved
        * Clear def_boot_osid,next_boot_osid,temp_boot_osid for nodes. This
          is bogus cause os_select whines about doing this, but the point is
          to make sure that all nodes will go into PXEWAIT when they reboot.
          We could have them go into MFS, but thats bound to cause problems
          if inner elab has a lot of nodes (remember, cannot trust what is
          on disk). This needs more thought.
        * Regen and restart outer dhcpd. Nodes will become part of outer
          emulab on next boot cycle.
        * SSH into inner boss and kill inner DHCPD so that there will not be
          any DHCPD responses on inner control network.
        * SSH into inner boss and have it reboot all inner nodes.
        * Wait for node to reach PXEWAIT.
        The above needs more thought wrt firewalled experiments and isolated
        control network.
      * Kill off some old MFS copy code since we now get those direct from
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      If osload part of swapin fails and there is a firewall involved, it is likely · f336fe42
      Mike Hibler authored
      that the firewall rules are preventing essential communication and causing the
      failure, so don't retry.
      We should probably only do this if the user has specified additional
      firewall rules.  But right now, I may screw up the default rules too!
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