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      Several small but much-needed changes to idle detection. Soon I'll · d5bf0bdb
      Mac Newbold authored
      give this stuff a major overhaul when we move to the model where we
      have data on when each node was last "touched" or actively used. (Most
      of these changes will still be relevant.)
      1. Fix a bug in idlecheck that we didn't really thing much about. It
      turns out that the WanSpread people have had a 17 node expt idle for
      over three weeks, we didn't detect it because the nodes were running
      ospf and generating lots of network traffic on the exptl. net. We now
      ignore the exptl. network traffic as a source of activity if they have
      automatic ospf routing happening. We also ignore nodes that have any
      trafgen endpoints.
      2. After the changes in idlecheck, I updated idle view to correctly
      handle a new flag idlecheck outputs to let us know that an expt has
      ospf running and may be falsely inactive because we ignored net
      traffic. It will probably be very rare that an active expt that is
      running ospf will have only network activity and no tty activity, but
      it is a potential source of false positives. I also did some random
      libifying. There were some hard coded references to emulab.net that I
      fixed to properly use the variables from the defs file.
      3. I also updated request_swapexp.php3. It now inlcudes in the email
      message a blurb about automatic swapping, depending on whether or not
      they're marked swappable. (If swappable, it says "This experiment is
      marked as swappable, so it may be automatically swapped out by
      Emulab.Net or its operational staff." and if unswappable, it says
      "This experiment has not been marked swappable, so it will not be
      automatically swapped out.") It also has a reference to the Node Usage
      Policy and gives the URL. So we now give them fair warning about
      potentially getting swapped out and what our policies are.
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      Fix flags passed to slothd. Before, -f meant send an immediate update (which... · 3a643160
      Mac Newbold authored
      Fix flags passed to slothd. Before, -f meant send an immediate update (which wasn't the default behavior). The latest slothd updates (several weeks ago at least) changed the polarity of the flag. It still does the non-default thing, but now that makes it wait an hour before sending an update. So we remove -f so it does the right thing.
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      Fix for the problem Eric reported for this topology: · d04e2b59
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      	uav <---> distrib <---> display
               ^           ^             ^
               +-----------+-------------+---> namer
      where tmcd was returning multiple aliases since there were multiple links
      between nodes. Thats been a bug for long time, but its very rare to have
      two links between the same two nodes, and so I never bothered to deal with
      it. I have "fixed" it, but the fix is very unsatisfying since the choice it
      makes is not consistent. For example, on distrib the ideal choice is to
      create aliases for the lan links, but instead I get a mix; one alias is for
      the duplex link to uav, another to the lan link to display. To make it
      select a consistent set, it will take even more hackery in tmcd, and I am
      not in the mood for it right now, given how rarely this happens. At least
      the host file is now "correct."
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      Minor spelling and grammar corrections · a5320d11
      Austin Clements authored
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      Remove extra comment end string in copyrights that made · 0b90d7db
      Jay Lepreau authored
      "All rights reserved -->" show up on each doc page.
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      Remove extra comment end. Merge in audio/video part · 47961d19
      Jay Lepreau authored
      which shortens it and makes it seems less silly.
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