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      Ubuntu 18 clientside support. · d6c142be
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      Change and complete the systemd-networkd control net support for ubuntu 18. · 4144c37f
      David Johnson authored
      Turned out that I could not guarantee that emulab-networkd@.service
      would write the .network files in /run/systemd/network in time for
      systemd-networkd to notice them; so I tweaked the strategy to a slightly
      more complex path: udev rules run a simple shell script that writes the
      per-device .network files that specify dhcp on all interfaces, in
      addition to telling systemd to want emulab-networkd@<dev>.service units.
      These units wait for the control net to come up on one of the devices;
      then the winner removes the extraneous .network files and downs the
      unused interfaces and restarts systemd-networkd so it only "manages" our
      control net.
      I also improved it so that if the user writes static systemd-networkd
      configuration into /etc/systemd/network/<foo>.network, our udev rules
      still write /run/systemd/network/<foo>.network if foo is a physical
      device -- but the waiter unit and cleanup scripts do *not* down <foo>;
      they just ignore it, because they notice that systemd-networkd did *not*
      pick our /run/systemd/network/<foo>.network to manage <foo>.  So we
      should be good for integration and not squashing static user configs.
      Finally, I "completed" it in the sense that the winning
      emulab-networkd@.service unit also writes out all the /var/emulab/boot
      metadata, sets the hostname -- does what the dhclient exit hooks used to
      The only thing it does not yet handle is elabinelab dhcp "selection".  I
      need a quick semantics tutorial for that.
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