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      Systemd units for testbed and tbprepare; consistent systemd install. · fcd7f0d6
      David Johnson authored
      Currently ubuntu15 and centos7 are our only systemd-based OSes; they
      both call into the clientside/tmcc/linux generic Makefile with the
      right magic bits to get the systemd sysetc-install/remove targets.
      For now, systemd is effectively the same on centos7 or ubuntu15, so
      we use the same scripts and install strategy from tmcc/linux for
      both (except for ntpd on centos7, which stays as it was).
      I used the same testbed/tbprepare sysv init scripts in tmcc/linux,
      but I installed them in BINDIR/initscripts in a lame attempt to
      avoid confusion ;).  I modified the testbed script slightly so
      it looks for a magic file in /etc/emulab/(uses-systemd) to know
      that systemd will start the testbed service, and that it should
      not get started from rc.local .  So those lines are now back in
      the generic linux testbed script -- just unused if the init is
      not systemd (in which case rc.local starts it).
      These units do print out to both the systemd journal and to the
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