1. 18 Oct, 2006 3 commits
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      Same harmless typo, different file. · 2bab9559
      Mike Hibler authored
      Yes, I grepped for it everywhere this time!
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      Fix harmless typo · b1bfd91c
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      Add debug timestamps. · dedc71cf
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      By popular demand, give user a choice of where to get the next set of · bb996961
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      (initial) parameters for a new run. Three choices right now; from the
      template itself, from the instance, or from the previous run. On the
      web interface this is presented as three buttons. On ops, it is the
      the -y option, which takes one of template,instance,lastrun as its
      argument (you can of course combine the -y option with an XML file to
      override specific params).
      At present, there is no default. Lets give it a chance to sink in
      before I pick something that will annoy 50% of the people 75% of the
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      · 471d1d26
      Kirk Webb authored
      Change the way vnode_setup handles plab nodes a bit to avoid a couple of
      buggy situations.
        * Don't try vnodesetup -h on plab nodes
      This can hang, or even fail.  Since nothing useful is conveyed by this
      step, just skip it, set the node's state to SHUTDOWN, and ask pl_conf
      on the node to remove the vserver.
        * Set plab node's alloc state to TBDB_ALLOCSTATE_RES_INIT_DIRTY after
      This avoids a bug where Emulab cluster nodes fail to come up, and so
      os_setup never waits on the plab vnodes (now that they are started in
      parallel with physical node setup).  Previously their alloc state made
      them look clean, and so the vservers would not be reaped during
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