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      Fixes. · 77878683
      David Johnson authored
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      Add support to synch with and store plab nodegroups in our DB (plab uses · d0f1cec3
      David Johnson authored
      them to key many different control actions, and we can't ignore them
      anymore).  The driving need in this case is to dist out rootballs based on
      the nodegroup so we can test plab4.2... but other ways to use this will
      likely arise.
      Also expanded the notion of config attributes I added during the push to
      support multiple PLCs.  Now, config attributes are just per-PLC or
      per-slice; they are per-PLC, but also conditional across
      slice,nodegroup,node tuples.  This gives a ton of flexibility for the
      different actions we need to take based on what kind of node the node is
      -- and plab typically seems to distinguish this based on nodegroups.
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      Another change for CMU; they have laptops that do not power up after a · ec9ed5f7
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      power cycle. For those we need to send wakeonlan packets to kick them.
      This is complicated by the fact that the laptops take an incredibly
      long time to go from poweron to a point where it will listen to a
      wakeonlan packet. No idea why. I use StateWait() to find out when the
      node hits bootinfo (which sends a PXEBOOTING event). Keep looping
      sending more wakeonlan packets until we hear from the node. Time out
      the operation after two minutes (probably need something to control
      To find the outgoing interface required by tools/whol program, I look
      in the interfces table for boss' control network.
      The mac address of the target node comes from the interfaces table.
      The flag that controls whether a node needs wakeonlan is in the
      node_attributes table:
      	mysql> insert into node_attributes set
      		  attrvalue=1, node_id='pcxxx';
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      Forgot this. · bf22ebcb
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      Add support for including nodes from multiple PLCs in experiments. Right · c44c47c9
      David Johnson authored
      now, this is keyed off nodetype.  Lots of hardcoded constants and config
      stuff moved to attributes in the db.  You can now set per-PLC and
      per-slice attributes, so you can (for instance) use different auth info
      whenever you want.  Experiments can use preexisting slices if somebody
      sets up the db before swapin.  Also, we no longer have to rely on
      slices.xml to sync up nodes/sites with PLC... can use xmlrpc instead.
      Lots of code cleanup, improved some abstractions, etc.
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      First cut at porting our jail setup to linux vservers. Most of the · 0910c65c
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      changes are on the client side where I took mkjail and retargeted it
      to vservers (called it mkvserver.pl, clever eh?) in the linux
      directory. The real time sync was understanding how vservers work, how
      they boot how they die, how they handle signals, etc. Very interesting
      and very bizarre. Anyway, this first cut is done with the version 2.2
      vserver code which does not virtualize the network stack or even the
      loopback device, so I pretty much ignored the experimental network and
      the host routine stuff. So, in your NS file you can now do this:
      	set ns [new Simulator]
      	set v0 [$ns node]
      	set v1 [$ns node]
      	tb-set-hardware $v0 pcvm
      	tb-set-hardware $v1 pcvm
      	tb-set-node-os $v0 FC-VSERVER
      	tb-set-node-os $v1 FC-VSERVER
      As you can see, I am using the osid to indicate jails vs
      vservers. There are some small changes in assign_wrapper that use the
      nextosid of the osid to map to the actual osid to install on the
      hosting node. If you try to collocate a jail and a vserver assign will
      refuse, cause we use features and desires for the osids. Sweet.
      Oh, the ssh button in the web interface does not work yet cause the page
      assumes that local virtnodes can bind to port 22 in each vserver, but
      that will not work yet.
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      Allow users to set the OSID for virtnodes; using that as a way to pick · 9deae976
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      between jails and vservers (freebsd vs linux). Temporary.
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