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      Modify to include two additional user-related fields. · 5e6a83bd
      Mike Hibler authored
      Add a "last activity" timestamp indicating the last time the user was
      known to interact with Emulab by logging into the portal, logging into
      a node or performing some other activity that resulted in their home
      directory being exported (this latter may be dumb, not sure yet).
      This should provide additional information about whether a user is really
      using Emulab or is just someone who was in a project once and maybe
      graduated and moved on.
      Added a canonical "location" string to identify the user's home city.
      This is the "formatted name" returned by the Google Maps API call
      (with commas replaced by semicolons to prevent issues with CSV export
      of the data). This field is intended to be a canonical rendition of the
      city/state/country info the user enters.
      That script was also modified to include users that are "frozen" or
      "archived" by default. Unfortunately, just because they are in those
      states now, does not mean they were during the desired time range.
      Emulab keeps no indication of when they might have changed state.
      The new -U option can be used to elide records for users that we have
      determined were not active during the time range (i.e., their "last
      activity" timestamp above is before the indicated start time.
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