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      Create the slice experiments in a subgroup of GeniSlices, named by the · 17d66134
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      SA of the caller. This means we call out to the Emulab newgroup script
      to create a group if it does not exist. We also have to reset the
      groups of the GeniUser once we know the SA. 
      Other small changes:
      * Minor module shuffling.
      * Use GetSiteVar() from emutil instead of libdb
      * Get rid of obsolete code referring to the old reservation holding
      * Cleanup logfiles in the workdir.
      * Capture output from the mapper and reformat error logging to make it
        more apparent to the caller what went wrong.
      * Change call to GeniSliver::Node->Create(); pass in the node object.
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      Work on an optimization to the perl code. Maybe you have noticed, but · 92f83e48
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      starting any one of our scripts can take a second or two. That time is
      spent including and compiling 10000s of thousands of lines of perl
      code, both from our libraries and from the perl libraries.
      Mostly this is just a maintenance thing; we just never thought about
      it much and we have a lot more code these days.
      So I have done two things.
      1) I have used SelfLoader() on some of our biggest perl modules.
         SelfLoader delays compilation until code is used. This is not as
         good as AutoLoader() though, and so I did it with just a few 
         modules (the biggest ones).
      2) Mostly I reorganized things:
        a) Split libdb into an EmulabConstants module and all the rest of
           the code, which is slowly getting phased out.
        b) Move little things around to avoid including libdb or Experiment
           (the biggest files).
        c) Change "use foo" in many places to a "require foo" in the
           function that actually uses that module. This was really a big
           win cause we have dozens of cases where we would include a
           module, but use it in only one place and typically not all.
      Most things are now starting up in 1/3 the time. I am hoping this will
      help to reduce the load spiking we see on boss, and also help with the
      upcoming Geni tutorial (which kill boss last time).
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      More purging of UUIDs. Reminder, we still use them all over the place · b3c8e72e
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      internally, as the primary key in the tables, but the CM/SA APIs no
      longer use them. The CH still accepts them for now. We can probably
      stop putting them into manifests and advertisements at this point as
      For slivers, stop using the uuid of the node as the uuid of the sliver
      itself; generate a new one. As above, this is cause the uuid is the
      primary key in the table, but the URN is what we use for lookups,
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      Change to previous revision wrt sliver registration. Need to be · 734bfd2a
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      backwards compatible with old SAs and CMs until new code makes it
      out to everyone. So the CM now does a version check at the target SA,
      and if an old version 1, use the bogus self signed cred. If the SA is
      version 1.01, send a proper sliver credential.
      In the SA, accept older bogus credential for now, but start accepting
      the new sliver credential, and apply more stringent checks.
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      Added support for rspec version 2 to ptopgen. · bb76cd3b
      Jonathon Duerig authored
      Note that command line arguments for ptopgen are tweaked slightly so that after '-g' for GENI, you must enter a version number. Changed invocation in GeniCM. Also, tweaked rspec definitions to make it conform to reality on the ground inside of our system as it gets implemented.
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