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      Strange, for some reason I started getting warnings from the SNMP code · 25c8af39
      Mike Hibler authored
      about "mib-2" and some others.  This is defined in SNMPv2-SMI which wasn't
      in the list of MIB files and is needed by SNMPv2-MIB.  But, it probably
      shouldn't need to be explicitly included, since there is an IMPORT of the
      symbols in question at the beginning of SNMPv2-MIB.  But I added it to
      the SNMP::addMibFiles() arguments anyway.
      This came about because I was messing with PowerNet-MIB.txt to support the
      7960 power controllers (we have an 8 year old version of that file).
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      This version includes heavy duty machinery for parallelizing activities · c8781411
      Keith Sklower authored
      among all switches in a stack.  Does check to see if the required additional
      perl modules are installed and will revert to standard behavior if not there.
      Currently only looking up vlan numbers from all the switches in the stack
      is actually parallelized; this alone results in a speed up by a factor of 5
      on DETER.
      Additional speedups could be gained if we assign all the vlan numbers for
      vlans in snmpit -t at the time it is run thereby allowing us to
      construct different vlans in different switches in an overlapping way.
      We haven't implemented this yet on DETER awaiting synchronizing with the
      mothership to make use of VLan->setVlanTag().
    • Keith Sklower's avatar
      add --vlan_tag option to snmpit (for use with dragon signaling) · 59ae8faa
      Keith Sklower authored
      handle quieting backends in a different way - (to minimized changes
      to nortel, foundry, and hp support), use perl "select" with one arg
      to change default for "print" with no explicit fileglob.
      print STDERR, STDOUT, still works; won't interfere with tblog() and friends.
      will put parallization mods in a separate CVS change.
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      Make shared vnodes reloadable. This whole thing sucks for modifies · abcc783c
      David Johnson authored
      because we (vnode_setup) needs to go out to the nodes and run vnodesetup
      to trigger the reload, but os_setup needs to setup the reload.  So for
      now, os_setup sets up the reload but does not wait nor reboot the vnode;
      vnode_setup does that like normal.  Probably there are going to be timeout
      problems, but it's good enough for my needs right now.
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      Whoops, fix silly query. · 984379c6
      David Johnson authored
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      Make the mapper work with Leigh's latest libvtop checkpoint... probably · c0c52c68
      David Johnson authored
      will get worked out better after the latest checkpoint :-).
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      Add the ability to load images on virtnodes. For now, we just overload · c6c57bc9
      David Johnson authored
      the tb-set-node-os command with a second optional argument; if that is
      present, the first arg is the child OS and the second is the parent OS.
      We add some new features in ptopgen (OS-parentOSname-childOSname) based
      off a new table that maps which child OSes can run on which parents, and
      the right desires get added to match.  We setup the reloads in os_setup
      along with the parents.  Also needed a new opmode, RELOAD-PCVM, to handle
      all this.
      For now, users only have to specify that their images can run on pcvms, a
      special hack for which type the images can run on.  This makes sense in
      general since there is no point conditionalizing childOS loading on
      hardware type at the moment, but rather on parentOS.  Hopefully this stuff
      wiill mostly work on shared nodes too, although we'll have to be more
      aggressive on the client side garbage collecting old frisbee'd images for
      long-lived shared hosts.
      I only made these changes in libvtop, so assign_wrapper folks are left in
      the dark.
      Currently, the client side supports frisbee.  Only in openvz for now, and
      this probably breaks libvnode_xen.pm.  Also in here are some openvz
      improvements, like ability to sniff out which network is the public
      control net, and which is the fake virtual control net.
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      The 'make' command needs to grab the whole stack, not just switches · 4fbfafe3
      Robert Ricci authored
      that contain ports in the new VLAN: we might need to transit switches
      'in the middle'.
      I'm starting to think that the way we built up list of switches for
      the commands is not the right thing to be doing - almost all of the
      operations operate on whole stacks now, so we just have extra work to
      do to convert stack names into switch names and back. Or, at the very
      least, we need  a simpler way to compute (and store) the set of
      switches that a VLAN has to transit.
  23. 11 Sep, 2009 1 commit
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      Changed the way that snmpit decides what switches to operate on for the · 89be15ec
      Robert Ricci authored
      'tables', 'reset', and 'synctables' commands. Rather than assuming all
      VLANs live on the One True Experimental Net Stack (unless -S was given),
      they all now check the database to see which stack they should be operating
      Changed how stack information is currently stored in the database. The
      LAN attribute formerly known as 'stack' is now called 'class', and has
      two valid values, 'Experimental' and 'Control'. The idea is to record
      whether something is an experimental net or control net LAN, not which
      specific stack it's on. The 'stack' column in the VLANs table now
      records the actual stack_id on which the VLAN has been created.
      This is all in support of testbeds that have multiple experimental-net
      stacks, as Utah currently does.
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      Modified the -m command so that it doesn't default to the Experiment · 10d40744
      Robert Ricci authored
      stack unless no ports are given. This allows it to be used on other
      stacks without passing the -S option. There are probably other commands
      that should get this treatment, but being conservative for now.
      Also improved the debugging output from commands that complain about
      multiple stacks.
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