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      Annotations work - well, ok, they haven't been rigorously tested yet, but I... · be04644b
      Tarun Prabhu authored
      Annotations work - well, ok, they haven't been rigorously tested yet, but I think they'll hold up. The only thing that is almost certainly broken is the conversion from links with multiple interfaces into the "node + point-to-point" links that assign knows how to deal with.
      Mapper now has a flag to determine whether to output the text format or rspec. rspec outputs are named *.ptop.xml and *.vtop.xml for the advertisement and request respectively.
  9. 26 Jul, 2010 2 commits
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      Fixed some bugs in the parsers. A full features and desires test now works.... · aed804ef
      Tarun Prabhu authored
      Fixed some bugs in the parsers. A full features and desires test now works. There are stil some extension support which needs to be added to ptopgen.
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      Added support for set-type-limits in the advertisement. It is implemented as... · ef766011
      Tarun Prabhu authored
      Added support for set-type-limits in the advertisement. It is implemented as an extension. There is no support for this in v1. It will only be in v2 and higher. To this end, ptopgen has been modified. ptopgen also now adds type slot information to nodes as an extension. However, support for other extensions still have to be added. Added another annotater class for rspec v2 but this in a very incomplete state as of now and the relevant code has been commented out of solution.cc temporarily. Assign's arguments have also been modified in mapper, so that it expects rspec inputs.
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      Change the serialization between the mapper and the pool_daemon so · c2a08261
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      that 1) it actually works and 2) multiple mappers can run at the same
      time, or the pool daemon.
      Also add a nofree option to the pool daemon to prevent shrinkage.
      Minor changes to the email notification when the pool daemon quits,
      since I added and END block to ensure that the lock is released.
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      Add simple locking between the pool daemon and the mapper so · 9edc2757
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      that the pool daemon does not run while the mapper is working.
      This will only affect experiments that are using shared nodes
      though, since the lock is way too coarse and basically serializes
      the mapper. Since very experiments use hared nodes at this time, it
      will not really be a problem.
      Also added TERM handling to avoid killing the daemon while its
      working, as when stopping testbed daemons to update the installation.
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      Rob and I talked about regression testing last week, and we decided · e401c0f1
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      that depending on different versions of assign to find the exact same
      solution on the same top/ptop, is asking for trouble. And in fact, the
      new assign is slightly different and the solutions do not match.
      So the idea we came up with is to first run the old version, and then
      fixnode the results for the input to the new version. assign should
      run cleanly and the results will be the same. Then reverse the
      situation and run the new version, then fixnode those results for a
      run of the old version. Then compare all the results.
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Add a "regression" mode to both the old assign_wrapper and the new · ecb66ab5
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      mapper wrapper. In regression mode, the wrapper/mapper proceeds
      normally, creating a .vtop file, and then running assign with a fixed
      seed. If the wrapper and the mapper agree on the .vtop file, then the
      solution from assign should be identical.
      The wrapper/mapper then proceeds normally, reserving resources and
      making all the DB changes. Needless to say, this has to be on a
      private copy of the database, with all nodes free. Creating that DB
      was a tale in its own right.
      At completion, call the existing BackupPhysicalState() function that
      we use in swapmod, and write all the physical tables we have changed
      (just the rows corresponding to the experiment of course). The delete
      all that state, and free the nodes.
      If everything is working correctly, those physical tables should be
      identical when created by the mapper or the wrapper.
      Of course, its not quite there yet. I have a few things to fix up
      before diff -r produces no results.
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