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      Reservation system changes: · c7c93e9f
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Allow uuids to be used to specify reservations, change pretty much
         everything in the web interface to use uuid's so we stop exporting
         databases indexes to the client side.
      2. Change RPC path to return a blob of data when approving a
         reservation. Ditto for initial creation, so that we can see precisely
         what the local cluster has done.
      3. When a reservation is created/approved, insert an announcement in the
         announce system for that user, set to go off 24 hours ahead of
         reservation. Update that announcement when reservation is modified.
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      Two changes to reservations: · 5e7e613b
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Plumb through a prediction RPC to return the reservation system
         pressure and outstanding reservations for a list of projects. This is
         invoked from the instantiate page when loaded, using the projects
         the user has permission to create experiments in, the results are
         stored in a script global variable for someone else to make sense of.
      2. When checking to see if a reservation can be accommodated, check with
         the admission control library first to see if the is a project limit
         on the type that would be violated. Need to do a little rearranging
         of the deck chairs in admission control library.
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      Various tweaks to reservation UI: · 29258b2c
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * Allow start to be optional; means "now".
      * When selecting the current day, disable hours in the past.
      * Catch a few more form errors.
      * When editing, the start time might be in the past. Do not consider
        that an error, just pass it through since the backend is okay with
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