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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Fix to previous revision. This code: · 5ceddc05
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
          my $node_type = virtnodetype($virtual);
          if (!(virtnodeisremote($virtual)
       	 && !nodetypeisdedicatedremote($node_type)));
      breaks things cause calling virtnodetype() without first checking to
      see if its a real vnode, places a null entry in the array, and messes
      up anyone else using the virtnodeisvnode() predicate. Instead:
          if (!virtnodeisvnode($virtual) ||
      	  && !nodetypeisdedicatedremote(virtnodetype($virtual))));
      hopefully I got the logic that Dave was intending, correct!
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    • David Johnson's avatar
      Changes to handle "dedicated" remote nodes in roughly the same way we · 7d388c15
      David Johnson authored
      handle local nodes -- to assign_wrapper and ptopgen, they're pretty
      much the same.  If the "dedicated_widearea" node_type_attribute is
      set for nodes of class pcRemote, we treat remote nodes like locals.
      I stuck with using a node_type_attribute for this, but it makes fast
      queries ugly.  I believe node_type_attributes are better than adding
      yet another bit to the node_types table, but others may feel
    • Kevin Atkinson's avatar
      Make nodereboot respect the waittime arg, and wait 10 minutes for PLC. · b7da57f5
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Currently nodereboot in libreboot essentially ignores the waittime
      arg because it forks and calls node_reboot to do the real work, but
      doesn't pass on the waittime to it.  Fix this by adding a "-W"
      option to node_reboot in order to specify the waittime.
      Use this to extend the waittime for a PLC node to come up from 6 minutes to 10.
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Slight beefing up of support for alternate MBRs: · 31009d09
      Mike Hibler authored
       * when creating an image from a node, make sure the new image
         gets the MBR version used by the existing image
       * when loading a single-partition image that requires a different
         MBR, invalidate all other existing partition ("invalidate" in the
         sense that we remove any partitions table entries, we don't do anything
         to the disk)
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Fix from several months back when retesting the auto-adaptation path: · db959f35
      Mike Hibler authored
      make sure colocate factor does not end up null
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      missing new line · bba09bd2
      Mike Hibler authored
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      My attempt to improve swapmod ... · 3593d9c6
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      Previously, any error in assign wrapper would cause the experiment to
      swap out because the "DB had been modified" ... well I have isolated
      all of the changes that are made, and errors in assign_wrapper proper
      no longer do that. tbswap now restores the experiment back the way it
      was. Not that errors after assign_wrapper (like in os_setup) are still
      a problem.
      In addition, rather then kill off all of the vlans, leave them in
      place and then do a comparison after assign wrapper, removing obsolete
      and modified vlans only. I have made use of the obsolete vlans table
      for this by having snmpit track its changes in that table. There is a
      bunch of new code in Lan.pm for doing the comparisons.
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