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      Update the tutorial a bit. In particular: · 1d0322b8
      Mac Newbold authored
       - Use a new example, that has a lan in it
         - including an updated picture and an updated expt report email msg.
       - Update the loop example to make a LAN, since it is non-obvious, and
         very handy.
       - Make LANs in general more obvious.
       - Make Netbuild more obvious.
       - Update our "current images" to FBSD47 and RHL73.
       - Change "the Testbed" to "Emulab" everywhere...
       - Make the difference between control net and exptl. net more obvious,
         and add links to the faq questions in a couple of places.
       - In the part that talks about getting help, remind them to keep tbops on
         each message.
      There's still a lot more to be done with the docs, but this is a start, at
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