1. 26 Mar, 2008 1 commit
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  5. 06 Feb, 2008 2 commits
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      Forgot this. · bf22ebcb
      David Johnson authored
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      Add support for including nodes from multiple PLCs in experiments. Right · c44c47c9
      David Johnson authored
      now, this is keyed off nodetype.  Lots of hardcoded constants and config
      stuff moved to attributes in the db.  You can now set per-PLC and
      per-slice attributes, so you can (for instance) use different auth info
      whenever you want.  Experiments can use preexisting slices if somebody
      sets up the db before swapin.  Also, we no longer have to rely on
      slices.xml to sync up nodes/sites with PLC... can use xmlrpc instead.
      Lots of code cleanup, improved some abstractions, etc.
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  13. 16 Jul, 2007 2 commits
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      Support for accessing the v4 NM via a nm-controller slice account. Now, · 88e61ae3
      David Johnson authored
      for each delegated slice we create, we set the 'delegations' attribute to
      'utah_nmcontrol', the name of our nm-controller slice that has permissions
      to talk to the NM.
      Also, a few other fixes.
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      Several things in this commit: · 3bbd843b
      David Johnson authored
        * Prior to this commit, libplab depended on db state to create slivers
          and slices.  Now it can be done using the regular command line tools
          without the metadata in the db.  This makes development and debugging
          much easier and allows us to use the command-line tools even if state has
          been cleared out of the db (i.e., for sliver garbage collection).
        * Add support for sliver start/stop/restart via the v4 NM.
        * Some support for sliver garbage collection.
        * Various other improvements and cleanup.
  14. 20 Jun, 2007 1 commit
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      Add summary node utilization stats. The initial values are derived by · 21890006
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      processing the node_history table, but that is *way* too slow to do on
      the fly (say, from the web interface) cause of the number of records,
      so the summary info is stored in the new node_utilization table. I
      generate the summary info as new entries are added to node_history (in
      SetNodeHistory) but if that becomes too messy, we can just as easily
      shift to processing the table on a nightly basis.
      Note that I added a new "inception" date field to the nodes table,
      which will get set on new nodes, but for existing nodes I have to
      derive it from the first entry in the node_history table, or else the
      numbers will not make sense.
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      These are the rest of the changes that have been accumulating in my dev · 1b6ef602
      David Johnson authored
      tree for v4 planetlab node support.  Currently, we support both v3 and
      v4 NMs via a little wrapper, and we dist out different versions of the
      rootball depending on NM version.  Also updated various parts of libplab
      to log success and failure from interactions with planetlab nodes to the
      db, and there are beginnings of support for that in plabmonitord.in.
  25. 06 Mar, 2007 1 commit
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      Fix a case where exptidx wasn't being initialized in Slice._load. More · c4ae0f7c
      David Johnson authored
      importantly, fix several places where inserts were using %d as argument
      placeholders in queries.  When using the MySQLdb module in python, you
      can only use %s as a placeholder in "prepared" queries---the module looks
      at the types of the values to see how to format them in the query.  This
      behavior is insidious and contrary to the python standard DB interface
      documentation, but that's how it is.