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    • Srikanth Chikkulapelly's avatar
      Added 2 sitevar variables that help CM implement policies. · f87e07a3
      Srikanth Chikkulapelly authored
      1) max_ticket_lifetime : It determines how long a sliver can live. Default is set to 90 days.
      2) max_components : It limits the number of components that can be requested/allocated to a user. Default value -1 indicates that there is no limit. any number of components can be requested/allocated.
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      Minor fix to previous revision. · 15ec4555
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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      Finish up user deletion. The big visible change is that when a user is · 2965922b
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      deleted, they still remain in the user table with a status of
      "archived", but since all the queries in the system now use uid_idx
      instead of uid, it is safe to reuse a uid since they are no longer
      The reason for not deleting users from the users table is so that the
      stats records can refer to the original record (who was that person
      named "mike"). This is very handy and worth the additional effort it
      has taken.
      There is no way to ressurect a user, but it would not be hard to add.
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    • David Johnson's avatar
      Add the ability to load images on virtnodes. For now, we just overload · c6c57bc9
      David Johnson authored
      the tb-set-node-os command with a second optional argument; if that is
      present, the first arg is the child OS and the second is the parent OS.
      We add some new features in ptopgen (OS-parentOSname-childOSname) based
      off a new table that maps which child OSes can run on which parents, and
      the right desires get added to match.  We setup the reloads in os_setup
      along with the parents.  Also needed a new opmode, RELOAD-PCVM, to handle
      all this.
      For now, users only have to specify that their images can run on pcvms, a
      special hack for which type the images can run on.  This makes sense in
      general since there is no point conditionalizing childOS loading on
      hardware type at the moment, but rather on parentOS.  Hopefully this stuff
      wiill mostly work on shared nodes too, although we'll have to be more
      aggressive on the client side garbage collecting old frisbee'd images for
      long-lived shared hosts.
      I only made these changes in libvtop, so assign_wrapper folks are left in
      the dark.
      Currently, the client side supports frisbee.  Only in openvz for now, and
      this probably breaks libvnode_xen.pm.  Also in here are some openvz
      improvements, like ability to sniff out which network is the public
      control net, and which is the fake virtual control net.
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    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Changed the way that snmpit decides what switches to operate on for the · 89be15ec
      Robert Ricci authored
      'tables', 'reset', and 'synctables' commands. Rather than assuming all
      VLANs live on the One True Experimental Net Stack (unless -S was given),
      they all now check the database to see which stack they should be operating
      Changed how stack information is currently stored in the database. The
      LAN attribute formerly known as 'stack' is now called 'class', and has
      two valid values, 'Experimental' and 'Control'. The idea is to record
      whether something is an experimental net or control net LAN, not which
      specific stack it's on. The 'stack' column in the VLANs table now
      records the actual stack_id on which the VLAN has been created.
      This is all in support of testbeds that have multiple experimental-net
      stacks, as Utah currently does.
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