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      More work on the aggregate monitoring. · 9f3205c9
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Split the resource stuff (where we ask for an advertisement and
         process it) into a separate script, since that takes a long time to
         cycle through cause of the size of the ads from the big clusters.
      2. On the monitor, distinguish offline (nologins) from actually being
      3. Add a table to store changes in status so we can see over time how
         much time the aggregates are usable.
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      Add automated cancellation of reservations that are not used: · 67a0e58e
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * If unused at six hours, schedule for cancel in three hours and send
      * If reservation becomes used within those three hours, rescind the
      * Add an override bit so that cancel/uncancel on the command line
        supercedes (so explicit cancel or rescinding a cancel, means do not
        make any more automated checks for unused).
      * Rework cancel to be more library friendly.
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      Add extension limiting to manage_extensions and request extension paths. · f71d7d95
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      The limit is the number of hours since the experiment is created, so a
      limit of 10 days really just means that experiments can not live past 10
      days. I think this makes more sense then anything else. There is an
      associated flag with extension limiting that controls whether the user
      can even request another extension after the limit. The normal case is
      that the user cannot request any more extensions, but when set, the user
      is granted no free time and goes through need admin approval path.
      Some changes to the email, so that both the user and admin email days
      how many days/hours were both requested and granted.
      Also UI change; explicitly tell the user when extensions are disabled,
      and also when no time is granted (so that the users is more clearly
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      Extension policy changes: · bd7d9d05
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * New tables to store policies for users and projects/groups. At the
        moment, there is only one policy (with associated reason); disabled.
        This allows us to mark projects/groups/users with enable/disable
        flags. Note that policies are applied consecutively, so you can
        disable extensions for a project, but enable them for a user in that
      * Apply extensions when experiments are created, send mail to the audit
        log when policies cause extensions to be disabled.
      * New driver script (manage_extensions) to change the policy tables.
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      Changes related to extensions: · e1b6076f
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * Change the units of extension from days to hours along the extension
        path. The user does not see this directly, but it allows us to extend
        experiments to the hour before they are needed by a different
        reservation, both on the user extend modal and the admin extend modal.
        On the admin extend page, the input box still defaults to days, but
        you can also use xDyH to specify days and hours. Or just yH for just
        But to make things easier, there is also a new "max" checkbox to
        extend an experiment out to the maximum allowed by the reservation
      * Changes to "lockout" (disabling extensions). Add a reason field to the
        database, clicking the lockout checkbox will prompt for an optional
        The user no longer sees the extension modal when extensions are
        disabled, we show an alert instead telling them extensions are
        disabled, and the reason.
        On the admin extend page there is a new checkbox to disable extensions
        when denying an extension or scheduling termination.
        Log extension disable/enable to the audit log.
      * Clear out a bunch of old extension code that is no longer used (since
        the extension code was moved from php to perl).
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      Minor fix. · 27ab83d7
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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      Security stuff: · 5945d7c8
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. New table login_history to save all logins (uid,IP,portal).
      2. Send warning email when user who has not been active for over a year
         logs in.
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