1. 18 Aug, 2005 3 commits
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      The Emulab Knowledge Base! · 6f08c442
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      Okay, I implemented a primitive Knowledge Base! The current contents are
      *all* the existing FAQ entries, which I entered manually. Here are the
      * My reason for doing this is that we need something very simple. The wiki
        is too much of a barrier, and its search capabilities are pathetic.
      * The search page for the Knowledge Base is:
        Fairly primitive keyword search. Turns out that mysql 4.0 has a bunch for
        really good text searching functions built in, but we run 3.23 ... so I
        had to roll it myself. So, its a simple keyword (space or comma
        separated) search, no regular expressions.
      * Each DB record has a "faq_entry" flag, so creating the current FAQ on the
        fly from the DB is easy. See:
      * In reddot mode, you can add new KB entries:
        The form is fairly obvious but here are details anyway:
          Section Name: Choose an existing title, or make up a new one.
          Title:        The title of the KB (or FAQ) entry.
          Faq Entry:    Check this box if the new entry should show up in the FAQ.
          X Ref Tag:    A token so you can refer to other KB entries by name,
                        instead of by its index. Within the KB entry you would
                        write: <a href=kb-show.php3?xref_tag=sometag>
          Body:         Whatever you like. I took the existing FAQ entries and
                        stuck them with no changes except for the xref_tag
                        mentioned about (since some entries referenced other
      * Once you click on sumbit, you will see the entry as it will appear to
        users, along with a submenu to Modify/Delete/Add entries. You can modify
        the current entry from that menu. Mere users do not see this menu, only
        when in reddot mode.
      * The intent here is that we can generate new entries really easy, right
        from email if you like (with appropriate <pre> or <xmp> tags around it).
      * I have added sql/knowlbase-create.sql and a makefile target to
        generate that file when creating a distribution. I also added a section
        to install/boss-install to insert the entries into the new DB.
      * I hooked the search function into the existing Search Documentation link.
        We know search both the Knowledge Base *and* the Documentation on doc
        searches. This probably needs a little more work to get right.
      * I changed a lot of faq links to be more consistent and to reference
        the proper xref_tags (#swapping instead of #UTT-34).
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      Start slothd at boot time on Windows. · 95fe00b4
      Russ Fish authored
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      Don't set the permissions 600 on the accounts cache file. · eaa14c02
      Mike Hibler authored
      It breaks the windows port and also doesn't accomplish anything.
      (a non-root user can always just make the tmcc call to boss to
      get the info).
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      Reduce number of boottime TMCD calls: · 273f0f2c
      Mike Hibler authored
       * ipodinfo and watchdoginfo are now fullconfig commands
       * ipod setup moved later in startup to take advantage of fullconfig
       * watchdog changed to use cached info on the first call
       * move firewall setup later to take advantage of fullconfig
      Other stuff:
       * accounts/ipodinfo cache files protected 600
      Along with Tim's changes, this should eliminate 4 more boot time calls!
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      Get rid of the temporary table that was used to generate recently · f6be6f33
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      active users and projects lists; it was taking 3 seconds to generate
      that table from the testbed_stats table. Switch to using newly added
      last_activity slots of user_stats and project_stats tables. Now takes
      less then .1 seconds ...
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Add a last_activity field to user_stats table, and set that from libdb · eda71c58
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      where we insert the testbed_stats record. This will make it much much faster
      to generate the recent users list in genelists (currently taking 3 seconds!).
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      Back out my last change so caching is disabled again and update the · 45e3349f
      Timothy Stack authored
      comment to more closely reflect what all is going on.
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      Reenable caching for the firewallinfo. · 2efad1de
      Timothy Stack authored
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      The bulk of the mailman support. Still not turned on by default (cause · a64593f3
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      Jay has "comments"), but I do not want it hanging around in my source
      tree. Here is my mail message:
      * The "My Mailing Lists" is context sensitive (copied from Tim's
        changes to the My Bug Databases). It takes you to the *archives* for
        the current project (or subgroup) list. Or it takes you to your
        first joined project.
      * The showproject and showgroup pages have direct links to the project
        and group specific archives. If you are in reddot mode, you also
        get a link to the admin page for the list. Note that project and
        group leaders are just plain members of these lists.
      * The interface to create a new "user" list is:
        We do not store the password, but just fire it over in the list
        creation process.
        Anyone can create their own mailing lists. They are not associated
        with projects, but just the person creating the list. That person
        is the list administrator and is given permission to access the
        configuration page.
        This page is not hooked in yet; not sure where.
      * Once you have your own lists, you user profile page includes a link
        in the sub menu: Show Mailman Lists. From this page you can delete
        lists, zap to the admin page, or change the admin password (which is
        really just a subpage of the admin page).
      * As usual, in reddot mode you can mess with anyone else's mailman lists,
        (via the magic of mailman cookies).
      * Note on cross machine login. The mailman stuff has a really easy way
        to generate the right kind of cookie to give users access. You can
        generate a cookie to give user access, or to the admin interface for
        a list (a different cookie). Behind the scenes, I ssh over and get
        the cookie, and set it in the user's browser from boss. When the
        browser is redirected over to ops, that cookie goes along and gives
        the user the requested access. No passwords need be sent around,
        since we do the authentication ourselves.
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      Ugh! When reading a line, go ahead and return if the string we have · c1c24bfa
      Mike Hibler authored
      read matches the prompt, i.e., don't wait to get a newline.  With the
      new power controller on the rocketport muxes on a pc1500 tipserver,
      even though we send two newlines, we just get back a single prompt
      with no newline.  This would cause us to hang forever waiting for the
      Note that it did not do this on the same RPCs with the same muxes on
      our ops node (a pc3000).  This could be a bad sign for things to come...
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      · daa2966a
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Added new script "linesofcode2.pl" which is like ""linesofcode.sh"
      but uses a ".loc-ignore" file instead of lots of egreps.  Also added
      a ".loc-ignore" file in the root directory so that the results from
      the two scripts are basically the same.  The only difference is that
      the new script also ignores files starting with "." which I assume
      is a desirable behavior.
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