1. 15 Nov, 2004 5 commits
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      A bunch of ElabInELab changes. · 10b116e0
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      * snmpit: When ElabInELabis true, use the routines in the new
        snmpit_remote.pm library for setting up and tearing down vlans for an
        experiment. At present, only these two operations are proxied out to
        the outer emulab.
      * snmpit_remote.pm: A new little library that uses the XMLPRC server on
        the outer emulab to setup and destroy vlans for an inner experiment.
        This code is used from snmpit (see above).
      * snmpit_lib.pm: A couple of minor changes for the server side of the
        proxy operation.
      * snmpit.proxy.in: A new perl module that is invoked from the RPC
        server.  This proxy sets up and tears down vlans for an inner elab.
        The basic model is that the container experiment will have lots of
        vlans for various individual experiments running on the inner emulab.
      * swapexp: A couple of minor elabinelab hacks.
      * tbswap: For elabinelab experiments, reconfig/restart dhcpd when
        tearing down the experiment, and call out to new elabinelab script
        when setting up an el...
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      ElabInElab: When operating inside an inner emulab, use the libxmlrpc · 9aab7322
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      library to call out to the outer emulab to do the actual power cycle.
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      Another typo! · 9687a1bb
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      Fix minor typo in last revision. · 0c267b15
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