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      Two big changes · e6c90969
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      1. Allow use of the shared nodes via the "exclusive" tag in the rspec.
      2. Switch to using the mapper in GetTicket() and in RedeemTicket() as
         per this email I sent:
      * GetTicket(): New rspec comes in and I build a virtual topology as I
       parse the rspec. Basically, virt_nodes and virt_lans table entries,
       which are stored into the DB. The rspec can include wildcards or
       specific nodes; I use the "fixed" slot of the virt_nodes table. Note
       that I am not yet handling fixed ifaces. Nice thing about this is
       that all of the show exp tools work.
       I run the (new) mapper on it in "solution" mode. This does two
       things; wildcards are mapped, and 2) it verifies that the rspec is
       mappable on the local hardware. Solution mode does not actually
       change the DB, but rather it spits out an XML file that I parse
       (note, we eventually will pass the rspec through, but I am not ready
       for that yet). I then allocate the nodes to the holding area, update
       the rspec, create a ticket, and return it.
      * RedeemTicket(): I run the new mapper again, only this time in real
       mode with -update. This is basically a redo of the run above since
       all the nodes are reserved already, but the DB is actually filled
       out this time. I then create the slivers and such.
       The other difference is that instead of creating the vlans by hand,
       I can now run snmpit -t to do the work for me. Ditto for tear down
       with snmpit -r.
       Another bonus is that I can add (missing) IP addressess during the
       initial rspec parse, and the nodes now boot and have their
       interfaces configured. Virtual interfaces too, including the ones
       inside of virtual nodes.
      * All of the above works with shared nodes too:
      "<rspec xmlns=\"http://protogeni.net/resources/rspec/0.1\"> " +\
      " <node virtual_id=\"geni1\" "+\
      "       virtualization_type=\"emulab-vnode\" " +\
      "       virtualization_subtype=\"emulab-openvz\" " +\
      "       exclusive=\"0\"> " +\
      "   <interface virtual_id=\"virt0\"/> " +\
      " </node>" +\
      " <node virtual_id=\"geni2\" "+\
      "       virtualization_type=\"emulab-vnode\" " +\
      "       virtualization_subtype=\"emulab-openvz\" " +\
      "       exclusive=\"0\"> " +\
      "   <interface virtual_id=\"virt0\"/> " +\
      " </node>" +\
      " <link virtual_id=\"link0\"> " +\
      "  <interface_ref " +\
      "            virtual_interface_id=\"virt0\" " +\
      "            virtual_node_id=\"geni1\" " +\
      "            /> " +\
      "  <interface_ref " +\
      "            virtual_interface_id=\"virt0\" " +\
      "            virtual_node_id=\"geni2\" " +\
      "            /> " +\
      " </link> " +\
      The shared nodes boot, and you can ping on the experimental networks.
      * UpdateTicket and UpdateSliver need work as per the mail I sent the
       other day about the state of the sliver between the ticket and the
       sliver operations.
      * Collocation specifications are ignored since we do not have any way
       to specify this to assign when wildcards are used. Rob, I am
       wondering if assign has any tricks we can take advantage of.
      * Still need to commit all the snmpit changes and get that hooked into
       the CM.
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      Add ListHistory entrypoint. · f543666a
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      Add listhistory script that collects and prints history from all the · e0f206d5
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      CMs in the CH database. Only the CH can run this. Also, all it does is
      collect the tickets.
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      Add ListAllTickets method to get the entire history list of tickets. · f3374b66
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      This is returned to the CH via the ListTickets() CM method. Only the
      CH can invoke this. This will hold us until I decide how I want to
      keep the ClearingHouse history tables updated.
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      Add some shared_mode support; set a packing weight based on the node · e1d68540
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      packing to favor nodes that already have vnodes on them. This can also
      come from the node_attributes table.
      Then I disabled these changes cause it was causing me problems; the
      shared nodes were not getting picked. Needs more thought.