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    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Fix for parallelized snmpit stack · 645a8bd3
      Robert Ricci authored
      The parallelization code in the stack module puts the devices in
      child processes, which means that when they lookup their allowed
      VLAN ranges, they can no longer update the value in the parent
      stack object (which is in a different process). So, we have to do
      it here too.
    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Fix for some really stupid Cisco behavior · a8a32a62
      Robert Ricci authored
      Some Ciscos limit the number of trunks on which you can configure
      'extended range' VLANs (above 1k). This includes clearing them from
      the trunk (eg. you don't actually have to be *using* them to get
      this error). So, as a workaround, if the stack is not conifgured
      to use VLANs over 1k, don't clear this range when cleaning out
      trunk ports.
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Sigh...fix another instance of $PWD being incorrect. · 03fb3921
      Mike Hibler authored
      You would think I would have got this right, since I got bit by this
      just a week ago!  Long-term memory...who needs it!
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Update NS version used by nsverify from 2.29 to 2.34. · 063b2e02
      Mike Hibler authored
      This allows nsverify to be built on FreeBSD 7+.  Based on patches from John
      Hickey <jhickey@isi.edu> and Serge van Ginderachter <serge@vanginderachter.be>,
      thanks guys!
      I also moved all the logic for downloading/patching the tarball from the
      GNUmakefile into ns-patch.sh to bring this in line with our other third-party
      packages that do the same.  This is in pursuit of one day having a GUDS
      (Grand Unified Download Script).
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    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Revert "Minor comment fix" · 997fa581
      Robert Ricci authored
      This reverts commit a31f1a5b.
    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Add the ability to "fix" VMs to other nodes in the topology. Prior to · 0e5290ab
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      this, you could fix a VM to specific physical node, but not to another
      node in the topology. This change allows you to do something like the
      set n1 [$ns node]
      set n2 [$ns node]
      set n3 [$ns node]
      set v1 [$ns node]
      set v2 [$ns node]
      set v3 [$ns node]
      tb-set-hardware $v1 pcvm
      tb-set-hardware $v2 pcvm
      tb-set-hardware $v3 pcvm
      # Fix the VMs to other nodes in the topology.
      tb-fix-node $v1 $n1
      tb-fix-node $v2 $n2
      tb-fix-node $v3 $n3
      # This mix requires vlan encap all around
      tb-set-vlink-emulation "vlan"
      # A link between the two phys nodes.
      set link0 [$ns duplex-link $n1 $n2 100Mb 0ms DropTail]
      # A link between the two VMs.
      set link1 [$ns duplex-link $v1 $v2 10Mb 0ms DropTail]
      # A lan of three physical nodes.
      set lan0 [$ns make-lan "$n1 $n2 $n3" 100Mb 0ms]
      # A lan of three VMs
      set lan1 [$ns make-lan "$v1 $v2 $v3" 10Mb 0ms]
      # Lets mix things up.
      set link2 [$ns duplex-link $n1 $v2 10Mb 0ms DropTail]
      set lan2 [$ns make-lan "$n1 $v2 $n3" 10Mb 0ms]
      tb-set-node-os $n1 FEDORA8-OVZ-STD
      tb-set-node-os $n2 FEDORA8-OVZ-STD
      tb-set-node-os $n3 FEDORA8-OVZ-STD
      tb-set-node-os $v1 OPENVZ-STD
      tb-set-node-os $v2 OPENVZ-STD
      tb-set-node-os $v3 OPENVZ-STD
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