1. 05 Jun, 2013 1 commit
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  4. 11 Apr, 2013 2 commits
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      Update Forge and new config for Apache Flex · fb214db4
      Matt Strum authored
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      Various bug fixes and initial stitching implementation · dcebf3be
      Matt Strum authored
      There are a lot of files renamed to remove the keyword 'virtual' from their
      path. Apparently something recently changed which makes Flash Builder not like
      paths with 'virtual'.
      ExoGENI racks are now supported. One extra thing they required was the ability
      to edit disk image versions. That's a required value for them so I had to expose
      it in the node properties editor.
      The XmlRpc parser choked on parsing data values which didn't specify what type
      they are.  The spec says to parse those nodes as string values so that's what
      the library does now.
      Some users noted that Flack, when embedded in an external page, didn't load all
      managers correctly initially. I got around that by making sure to try each
      manager twice before concluding the manager is unreachable.  This doesn't fix
      whatever the underlying problem is (since many still fail the first time) but it
      does cause the managers to get loaded correctly.
      The implementation of stitching worked in a simple test connecting a node from
      Emulab to the Utah Instageni rack. Parsing of advertised and request stitching
      data was completed and an extra step was added to SubmitSlice to do any
      stitching before actually submitting the slice. Now if any stitching is done and
      a workflow is received through that step, dependencies will cause the allocation
      steps to occur in the correct order to satisfy the stitching constraints.
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  6. 27 Dec, 2012 5 commits
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      Initial commit for work on Flack 3 · 5d385995
      Matt Strum authored
      The work needed to support AM API v3/v4 was extensive enough that a major
      rehaul was required to support the new paradigms like allocating and
      provisioning as opposed to creating. A lot of preparation has been done
      to fix various annoyances like going back from a failed sliver creation
      to a stagged sliver.  Previously it was suggested to just delete the
      entire slice, but it would be much better to be able to more easily
      move between stagged/allocated/provisioned without having to start
      from scratch.
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      Additions and fixes for GEC15 · ac70e401
      Matt Strum authored and Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong committed
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      Add new copyright to new files · 35b395d1
      Matt Strum authored and Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong committed
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      Small fixes and improvements. · 9d24ebe2
      Matt Strum authored and Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong committed
      Added ability to force AM API for managers, help button on the login page since that seems to be a source of confusion, live updating of the slice/slivers expires time so it reflects the actual time left instead of how much time was left the last time it was checked, global checkbox for creating private or global images.
      AM API v3 support has started. So far the client is able to list resources at a manager. More work will need to be done to support the new create workflow now that it supports a two-phased commit similar to the CM API.
      Fixed user being able to create a link while the slice is locked (having calls made), crash when user comes in with a credential rather than using a slice authority, and new slice button being shown even if user can't create slices.
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