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      Mapping changes to support persistent blockstores. · a721e561
      Mike Hibler authored
      Quite simple actually. In ptopgen we add all persistent stores, which
      are identified by having a non-zero lease_idx. To ensure they are only
      matched up with the correct virt_blockstore, we add a feature "bs-lease-NN"
      where NN is the unique lease index with weight 1.0.
      In vtopgen, when a request is made to map a persistent store, we first
      verify that the experiment pid matches that of the blockstore's lease
      (this is a fer-now simple check which is actually redundant as we make
      this check in the parser too) and ensure that the blockstore is not already
      mapped (indicated by the blockstore_state entry having size==0) and then
      we emit an entry with desire "bs-lease-NN" and weight 1.0.
      Most of the file changes were actually to get the "preassign" flag to
      vtopgen forwarded into the various libvtop modules so that I can check it
      and not perform the permission/size check if it is set.
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      Changes to support high vlans on individual wires. · 5a2e0415
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Utah has rewired some of the its pc3000s to a procurve, which supports
      vlans > 1024. Since we do not have link features and desires, we need
      to trick assign by using a different link type on the wire, in both
      the ptop and vtop. The vtop looks for a vlan reserved tag greater then
      1024, and changes the linktype to ethernet-highvlan. In ptopgen we
      look for an attribute on the switch that says it can do highvlans, and
      add that linktype for any wire attached it.
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    • Kirk Webb's avatar
      Add complete local node storage support from parser down to tcmd. · dab52801
      Kirk Webb authored
      Doing this required adding columns to the virt and physical blockstores
      tables to mark the attributes that will be considered for mapping.
      Unmarked entries just flow through to the client-side.
      This commit also introduces filesystem support in the form of passing
      through a mount point to the client-side.  It is left to the client to
      decide what filesystem and fs options to use to setup the space, including
      any logical volume aggregation required to support the request.
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      Parser hacks for blockstores · bb2563cf
      Kirk Webb authored
      * Translate bandwidth spec "~" to 10Kbps, and complain if any other value
        is used on a lan with blockstores.
      * Allow blockstores to be fixed to nodes.  Shunt through cases where the
        node a blockstore is fixed to isn't a blockstore pseudo-VM via a
        features / desires hack.  We do this to avoid having a more heavyweight
        blockstore pseudo-VM representation show up when users just want more
        local disk space setup on their nodes.
    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Add physical memory accounting for openvz/xen nodes. The total · 11752432
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      amount a physical has is stored in the node types table, and the
      per-vm memory requirement is stored in the nodes table. ptopgen
      adds up usage, and subtracts from the total for the ptop file.
      The vtop number comes from a virt_node_attribute table, and we
      pass this through to the client side. Note that this is less
      important for openvz, more so for XEN.
      In the NS file:
      	tb-set-node-memory-size $node 1024
      Number is in MBs. The mapper defaults this to 128 for openvz and 256
      for xen. Maximum is hardwired to 256 and 512 respectively. Need to
      think about a good way to configure this in.
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