1. 19 Aug, 2010 3 commits
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      Make assign build with GCC 4.4. · 05e25a14
      Robert Ricci authored
      The main change is to add a NEWER_GCC macro, separate from NEW_GCC, to
      detect GCC 4.3 and up.
      This is necessary because, in GCC 4.3, hash_fun.h moved from ext/ to
      backward/.  New comments in port.h give the details.
      common.h, fstring.h: use NEWER_GCC to locate hash_fun.h.  port.h:
      define NEWER_GCC if GCC >= 4.3.
    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Better error message when requesting nodes of a nonexistent type · 1085e4a7
      Robert Ricci authored
      If a request was made for a node type that was not present in the physical
      topology, then the error message was, "Too much bandwidth on emulated links."
      This change adds a flag in mapping_precheck() that remembers whether the
      requested node type was found.  If not, then a new error message is printed
      instead of the bandwidth one.
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      Merge branch 'compress' · cc76869f
      Leigh B Stoller authored
  2. 18 Aug, 2010 5 commits
  3. 17 Aug, 2010 2 commits
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      Run frisbeelauncher as admin for subbosses · c27127bb
      Ryan Jackson authored
      Subbosses make XMLRPC requests as the user 'elabman' which doesn't
      belong to any projects, and therefore has no rights to non-global
      images.  The easiset way to solve this is to run frisbeelauncher with
      admin privileges when a subboss requests it.
      We already check to make sure the requesting user has permission to use
      the image in libosload well before we hand the request to the subboss,
      so if the subboss requests the image we can trust it.
    • Tom Mitchell's avatar
      Fix GENI AM ListResources return value. · b818c48b
      Tom Mitchell authored
      ListResources always return a string. If compression is requested the
      string's contents are a base64 encoded compressed RSpec. ListResources
      now takes the XML-RPC base64 result from DiscoverResources and
      converts it to a string value and returns that.
  4. 16 Aug, 2010 1 commit
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