1. 09 Aug, 2013 2 commits
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      pygrub really wants the active partition set, otherwise it · 05583576
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      fumbles around in an infinite loop.
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      I added two new actions to PerformOperationalAction, which appear to · cfd1974a
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      work fine when the nodes are behaving themselves.
      1) geni_update_users: Takes a slice credential and a keys argument. Can
        only be invoked when the sliver is in the started/geni_ready state.
        Moves the slice to the geni_updating_users state until all of the
        nodes have completed the update, at which time the sliver moves back
        to started/geni_ready.
      2) geni_updating_users_cancel: We can assume that some nodes will be whacky
        and will not perform the update when told to. This cancels the
        update and moves the sliver back to started/geni_ready.
      A couple of notes:
      * The current emulab node update time is about three minutes; the
        sliver is in this new state for that time and cannot be restarted or
        stopped. It can of course be deleted.
      * Should we allow restart while in the updating phase? We could, but
        then I need more bookkeeping.
      * Some nodes might not be running the watch dog, or might not even be
        an emulab image, so the operation will never end, not until
        canceled. I could add a timeout, but that will require a monitor or
        adding DB state to store the start time.
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