1. 04 Aug, 2014 7 commits
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      Don't look at expt state when modifying dhcpd.conf for external managment. · 055485ea
      Kirk Webb authored
      For externally managed experiments, don't consider the current state of
      the experiment.  If a node is reserved to the experiment, period, then its
      entry needs to be disabled in dhcp.  Otherwise the next time dhcp_makeconf
      runs, any already active externally managed experiments will revert to Emulab
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      Argh - fix typo. · 270ee757
      Kirk Webb authored
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      Merge branch 'external-management' · 5b7f0a09
      Kirk Webb authored
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      Cache external management state for experiments in dhcpd_makeconf. · bf929ce1
      Kirk Webb authored
      Don't look it up for each and every node...
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      Send "BOOTING" event after rebooting externally managed nodes. · bc207167
      Kirk Webb authored
      Also quiet down the EmulabFeatures library where we are using it
      to detect external management.  Too many "checking for feature ..."
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      Make disabling of dhcp for external managment look like elab-in-elab case. · b6956f3d
      Kirk Webb authored
      Leaving the node entries in the dhcpd.conf file, but setting them to
      be ignored is better.  Cuts out "no free leases" log messages and is
      less confusing for people looking through the config file.
      Sprinkle a few comments around in dhcpd_makeconf
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      Add support for disabling dhcp for an experiment/user/group · ca561d42
      Kirk Webb authored
      In support of the collaboration effort with CHPC, I've added a check
      and actions for a new feature, ExternalNodeManagment.  When swapping in,
      the swapper, group, and experiment are checked for the feature.  Since
      there doesn't appear to be a way to ask for an experiment feature in the
      parser, I'm punting for now and just letting the experiment inherit this
      feature from the user and/or project/group.
      The effect of this feature is that nodes will be omitted from the
      dhcpd.conf file when allocated to a marked experiment, and put back
      in when freed from that experiment.
      We will also use this feature to force nodes to reboot even when they
      are in PXEWAIT during the OS setup phase.  Ultimately the point is for
      something else to take over the boot process and manage the experiment's
      nodes for the duration of the experiment.
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