1. 25 Oct, 2005 1 commit
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      Fix yet another DHCP related problem. From the comment: · 04e0e4d6
      Mike Hibler authored
      # Argh! dhclient in FreeBSD 5 has a new auto-background "feature",
      # it dives into the background after 10 seconds regardless of whether
      # it has received a response.  This is fubar for us.  Unfortunately,
      # we cannot just crank this number through the roof because it is based
      # on a polling interval which actually has a rational purpose.  The timeout
      # is actually (2 * polling_interval) where polling_interval is how often
      # dhclient rechecks an interface without link.  We need to keep this value
      # reasonable in the event that we boot up and don't immediately have link
      # on the control net.  So lets try 15 seconds (30 second auto-background
      # timeout) and see how things go.
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  6. 24 Jun, 2004 1 commit
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      Prep work for DHCP discovery of control net interface: · 16c1bc02
      Mike Hibler authored
      - have pump/dhclient script record the DHCP'ed interface in
      - change control_interface script to first check for that file
        and use the contents if it exists
      Note that, as of this commit, we are still telling pump/dhclient which
      interface to DHCP on (i.e., we still determine the control net interface
      the old way to invoke pump/dhclient) so this commit is not that useful.
      What still has to be done is to change the startup to invoke dhclient/pump
      on all interfaces.  This turns out to be a royal, royal PITA.
      Stay tuned...
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