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      When user supplies external Docker image or Dockerfile, validate them. · fdcd1b4d
      David Johnson authored
      We try to emulate the standard Docker CLI's image handling.  Thus, if
      user specifies an image like 'ubuntu', we turn that into
      'ubuntu:latest'.  If user does not supply a registry host, we try
      'registry.hub.docker.com'.  If they do not specify a registry host or
      specify a registry host that is either registry-1.docker.io or
      registry.hub.docker.com, and their image does not contain a /, we
      prepend 'library/' to it (I *think* this is the right heuristic, but
      it's inference).
      For Dockerfiles, we must be able to download it, and it must contain a
      line matching ^\s*FROM (i.e. a valid FROM instruction, which all
      Dockerfiles must have).  We try to support DOS-mode textfiles too, but
      only ASCII.
      Might need to loosen these checks.